The Getting Started Class

It’s time to get that BIG dream started.

You know what you want.  You have a big dream hanging out in your heart.  But, for whatever reason, getting going just doesn’t seem to ever happen.

  • Maybe you have been feeling scared to get going, not sure how it will turn out or if you should even be doing this.
  • Perhaps you keep telling yourself, tomorrow.. but then when tomorrow is here, nothing happens.
  • Or maybe you are just not sure where to begin.

Getting across the starting line can be tough!  Fear, doubt, and uncertainty can be paralyzing.

In this class, you will begin.

For 4 weeks, I will be here giving you guidance, inspiration and courage to get started.  You will get your big dream off the ground.  It will take flight.

When the class is complete you will also have a plan of action for the future.  So you can feel confident that this thing that fills your heart will really happen.

Ready to get started?

The Get Started Class is $79, paid through paypal.  Click for my refund policy.

Once you have paid, you will be redirected to a questionnaire  for you to fill out.  This will help me to tailor the class to YOUR specific needs.

I look forward to working with you!