The Align Your Life Class

Does your BIG dream feel separate from the rest of your life?

Maybe you keep it hidden, tucked away, as if there is no place for it in your day to day living.

Do you feel a disconnect when you talk about your dream with others?  Like they don’t understand or they don’t get it?

Are you an artist, but you feel like no one knows and nothing around you feels consistent with your artist self?

Are you up to something BIG, but everything around you feels small?  As if your dreams have no place in your current life?

This class is about aligning your life with your dreams.

I truly believe that we cannot accomplish our dreams if our life is not set up to support it.  Having people, resources, time, and your physical environment lined up to make your dreams come true will give you a solid foundation to live a life you love and that is an expression of who you really are.

In this class, you will create an environment around you that will allow your dreams to flourish. You know those times when you feel frustrated or dis-empowered or unsure of yourself?  After this class, everywhere around you will be reminders of who you really are and what you are up to.   These reminders will lift you up and give you the courage to accomplish what you dream of.

For 4 weeks, you will be working on having your dreams be alive throughout all areas of your life.  You will complete the class with a solid foundation for making your dreams come true.

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