Checking In – How Are You Doing?

Hello beautiful Visionary Moms!

Today, I am wanting to check in with all of you.

How are you doing?  Are you taking care of yourself, of your dreams?

I think it is good, from time to time to stop and check in with yourself.  To see how you are doing.  Not, for ME to see how YOU are doing.  But for YOU to check in with YOURSELF.

We have been hard, hard at work on our dreams, my husband and I.  And, things have not been going to plan.  But, we keep looking forward, seeing where we want to go and what we want to make happen.

But, in all of this, I notice myself feeling disconnected.  Working TOO hard for the future and not stopping and taking a moment, here and now to check in with THIS moment.

Do you ever do that?

Get so focused on the future, on where you are going, that you are not HERE?  In this moment.

So, today, I think I will stop and take a moment.  See how I’m doing.

Want to join me?

When we are so focused on the future, on our dreams, of making them real, we stop taking care of ourselves right here and now.

So today, I think we should all stop.

Just stop.  Breathe.  Check in.

How do you feel?

What about your body?  Do you feel rested and well?

How are your relationships?  Do you feel connected with your children?  You spouse?

How are your children?  Are they okay?

Do you feel loved and nurtured?

Do you feel taken care of?

What do you need?

Listen to the answers to these questions.  Pay attention, especially to what you need.

Be inside of yourself and be still.  Be quiet.  Listen.

How are you doing?

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