I know that alot of us struggle with “Am I doing the right thing?” ~ “Is this the right path?”  ~  “How do I know what I’m supposed to be doing?”

I have the answer for you in the first of a new series called Visionary Living… short little bites that will help you sink your teeth into living a visionary life.

Is this video, I invite you to look within.. listen to what inspires YOU, so you can stop questioning yourself…  and start LIVING!


[box]What inspires you?  When you let go of questioning and let go of seeking the “right” thing to do with your life, what most inspires you?


I know, sometimes easier said than done!  Failure can really de-rail us and leave us feeling unmotivated, frustrated and like maybe we should just give up on this dreaming business.

But, all of us fail.  Things go off plan, accidents happen, stuff we could never have predicted throw us a curve ball.  All of that is really a normal part of making big things happen in life.

Here is me talking about a recent failure of mine and my very best advice on how to deal with things when they go off track.

So, how do you deal with failure??  Share in the comments below!

I am working away this weekend… planning, writing, figuring out how to make all my fun ideas happen.   :)    This is so what I love to be doing!!!  And I am amazed at how true it is that when you find your passion and run with it, pretty much nothing feels like work!  It is all just doing what you love!

I’ve been wanting to share about what is brewing over here at Visionary Mom.   So, I decided that, instead of writing about it,  I would make a little video so I can really share my excitement and give you a sneak peek at all the good stuff coming your way.

Here is me babbling away on a Saturday afternoon.  :)  Enjoy!

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Today was my son’s kindergarten graduation.   Which, I thought was going to be a pretty lame ordeal.   But, it ended up being totally inspiring.

We got to witness these cute little munchkins walk up onto the stage and declare to a huge audience what they want to be when they grew up.  We heard a lot of princesses, soldiers, teachers, veterinarians, firemen, etc.

And then, it was my kiddos turn, and this is what HE had to say….

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OMG.  Seriously?  I about fell on the floor.  MY kid!  And he is for reals.  His room is often a super fly science lab and we have experiments happening all the time in our kitchen.   His latest adventure?  A formula that will bring dead people back to life.   Love my kid.  Man, I love him!!

So, What does this have to do with you? (besides me just totally wanting to show off my awesomely fun kiddo?) :)

Well, all afternoon I have been thinking about how cool it is that he walked up there in front of all those people and boldly shared his dream.  And, did they think he was stupid?  Or that his dream was a bad idea?  Or whatever you tell yourself about your own dreams?  NO!  He brought down the house.  Wild cheering from all!!

When you are six, you are allowed to dream big and wish for anything that you want for your life.  So, what about now?

What do YOU, really, really, no kidding really want for your life?

No matter if you are six or thirty-six, you can be anything that you want. You can do anything you want. You can dream and you can bring down the house with the bold declaration of what it is that you want to do!!

First step?

Share it.  Grab yourself a microphone, open your mouth and tell the world what you want.  Belt it out, proudly – passionately.  We are listening and, I promise, we are going to cheer for you wildly.

My son totally made me smile today, with his courage to march to the beat of his own drum.  He is totally not afraid to be who he is. It’s mad inspiring!

Today, I invite you to follow his lead.  Share who you are with the world.  Announce your dreams.  Let it rip!!

A new video for you about one of those things that can really poison our big dreams and ideas:


We all get consumed by overwhelm from time to time.   My hope with this video is to give you some tips and tricks for dealing with overwhelm, so you can get yourself back to working on your dreams when life feels like there is just too much to do right now.

It’s a bit long (10 minutes), but this is a HUGE thing to talk about!   Keeping it under 10 minutes was tough!

I hope you enjoy it.

How do you deal with overwhelm?


This is the first of a new video series that I’m starting.  Twice a month (maybe more) I’ll be doing a short (less than 10 minutes) video talking about some of the aspects of living your dreams. 

What are the components of powerful living? And what are some of the things that might get in the way?

To kick things off, I decided to talk about Personal Power.  Because without it, there will be very little dream come true type of living, which is what we all ultimately want for our lives, right?

I hope you enjoy it!!

So, what do think?  How do you access your personal power or where do you struggle with this?

This is a project I have been working on for school.  How cool is it that I can spend my study time doing stuff like this??

Dedicated to all of you.  Enjoy….