Raising Visionary Kids

I have been talking about who YOU are and what do you want for your life.

Today, I want to talk about who you are – for your kids.

I think this is an important aspect of us living our dreams.  Why? Because we are moms.  Because we love our children so much.   Because our kids are a huge part of our lives and who we are.  We want them to grow up happy and fulfilled.  We want them to love their lives and pursue their own dreams.

My son just turned 5.  We’ve made the choice to homeschool our children and his turning 5 has had me start to think a bit more about what we should be doing on the education front.  He is officially “ready” to start kindergarten this year.   So, what does that mean for us?

Immediately, my husband and I started talking about all the things we could sign him up for.  Baseball? Piano?  Hockey? Karate?  Dance?  What would be THE BEST thing for him right now?

And then, watching him play, I realized – none of that.

He is totally happy and content  – just playing. Today he built a train track that goes through every room of the house using every single pillow and cushion that we own.  A whole, fascinating world has taken over our lives with the building of this track.  Stories have been told full of adventure and love and magic  (oh, and bad guys!).

His mind is WIDE OPEN.  He is alive.  He is thriving!

All the other stuff, the classes and the worrying and the feeling like we should be doing more.  That’s all our stuff.  I want him to be creative so I feel like he should start learning music.  Don loves sports, so naturally we should sign him up for baseball or hockey, which by the way, are Don’s favorite sports.

But, what does my son want?  He wants to play!  So that is what I am going to give him.

Who I am for my children is that they get to be whoever they want to be. They get to live their own lives.  They are their own person.

It’s tough sometimes being this for my kids.  I have to remember that it is their life, not mine.  The time will come when my children will want to learn something and request to be enrolled in a class of some sort.  Not because we want them to do it, but because they want to.

Until then, I am working on letting go of all the “should’s”  and listening to where they are at right now.  And honoring that.

So, who are YOU for your children?  What do you wish for them?  And, is there anything you have to let go to let them be who THEY ARE?

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You know those times when everything feels right and perfect in the world?

Those magical moments that have us experience the love we have for our children, our home, our partners, our work?  Those times when we are truly in love with our life.

Well, why not make a point to create those moments, you know on purpose?

As moms, the busier we get and the more things that demand our attention, the less likely we are to stop and smell the roses.   To enjoy what is happening in our life, right now.

But, it is just at these moments when it is really important to stop and take stock of all that is around you, to pay attention, to notice the beauty of your own life unfolding.  To slow down.

Here are 7 ways to create magic moments each and every day.

1.  Meditate. Take a few minutes to stop, breath, listen.  Being present in our lives is the key to being fulfilled.

2.  Stop Working. Put it away, ignore the dishes, shut down the computer.  Take some time to just be.  You can go for a walk, get on the floor to play with your kids, sip a cup of tea while looking out the window.  Just make sure whatever you are doing is not on your todo list.

3.  Act like a nut. Be goofy, laugh really hard…play!  Don’t worry about how you look, just let go and have some fun – you deserve it.

4.  Get outside. Go on a hike, sit in the yard, rake some leaves (but not if it is on your todo list).  Being with nature helps most of us to feel connected.  When you are feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

5.  Engage the senses. Look around you, what do you see?  Close your eyes and just listen.  Listen to a favorite song.  Surround yourself with happy scents – smells that make you feel good.  Do something with your hands-make something and pay attention to how it feels.

6.  Take pictures. Not just snap shots of whatever- take some time to really look around.  You don’t have to be a master photographer, either.  I know that when I slow down to take a few pictures,  I see things I don’t normally see.  Beauty is allowed to show up when you go looking for it.

7.  Create family traditions. The holidays are not the only time for family traditions.  The simple, routine things of our everyday can become moments to remember and cherish.  Some examples:  Take a moment to set the dinner table with nice linens and flowers, start the morning with a nature walk with your toddler, cuddle and read stories before bedtime, have a weekly date with your partner, make pancakes on Saturday mornings.  Everyday doings become special when you make them a tradition.

What about you?  What are some ways that you create magic out of the everyday moments?

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