Productivity + Motivation

You are one busy mama.  Working hard to be an amazing mom AND trying to make your big dreams happen?

Not an easy task.

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Not to mention the day to day, regular ol’ stuff that you can’t neglect… yeah, THAT stuff!

What is a creative, passionate mama like yourself to do?

Here are a few easy, peasy things that will help you get more done in any given day:

1.  Get up earlier.  I’m not talking 4am early unless that totally works for you.  But an extra hour goes a LONG way.

2.  Turn off the TV, the computer and anything else that steals your precious time.

3.  Tackle the not so fun stuff first ~ get that junk off your todo list so the rest of your day can be FUN!

4. Keep things simple.  Don’t over-complicate things and make them harder than they really are.

5.  Focus on one thing at a time and stick with tasks until they are DONE!  Sprinkling your energy here and there and all over the place is just spinning your wheels.  Focus on completing things!

6.  If you’re having a motivation or energy slump- pick short, easy tasks to get get done super quick.  Finishing things gives you energy. Try it and see for yourself.

7.  Get enough sleep.  This is BIG!  When you’re tired, you work ..s…l…o…w.  Having enough rest means you’ll have energy the next day.

8.  Say no to stuff that’s not going to further you living the life of your dreams (I talk more about this in the Visionary Mom Toolkit -it’s a key factor is getting stuff done).

9.  Take a break to connect and just be in the moment.  This will make you happier, calmer and grounded, which will make getting back to work more productive.

10.  Ask for help.  Ask for 2 hours without the kids, ask for someone else to do something you don’t want to do, ask to be left alone, ask someone to help you get something done.  Ask for the help you need to get your good stuff done.
Really, the name of the game to accomplish all your precious dreams is to just do it, but these simple tricks will help you do that.  Dreaming big is awesome, but making those dreams actually happen?  That’s glorious.



Do you ever doubt yourself, wondering if you are doing the right stuff to make your dreams happen?

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As you set out to work on your goals, the question will ineveitably show up, “is this what I should be doing?”

More than anything, you want to succeed, you want your business plan to work, you want your creative endeavors to flourish, and you want your projects to win.

With a to do list a mile long, it is super easy to get overwhelmed and to doubt, doubt, doubt.

Here is how to tell if you are doing the “right” work:

1.  Do you have a plan that is well thought out and creates a clear path to where you are going?  If you need some help making a good,  potent plan, check out my Make A Plan Workshop.

2.  Have you looked at the specific tasks that you need to take in order to make your goals happen?

3.  Are those specific tasks in your calendar and are you using your calendar to plan out your work each day?

4.  Are your tasks moving things forward, or are they just busy work?  This is a big one!  We all can easily get sucked into time wasters (facebook) and trick ourselves into thinking that we are “doing work” but really, we are just spinning our wheels.

5.  Is the work you are doing fulfilling your vision, making happen the life you imagine?

6.  Are you filled up and nurtured by what you are working on?

7.  When you finish a task, are you left with a feeling of satisfaction?

8.  Is how you’re spending your time producing results?  Those results could be actual clients, new newsletter subscribers, or it could be learning something new or getting yourself organized.  Watch yourself with this one!  We can spend tons and tons of time “educating” ourselves – there is so much good information out there.  But if that’s all you’re spending your time on, if you don’t apply your learning and use it to make stuff happen, then you are not producing results.  Don’t fool yourself!

9.  Do you love what you are doing? Is your soul singing?

10.  Can you see your goals getting closer?  Does the finish line feel not so far away?  Can you see yourself finishing and achieving your goals?  This is a good sign that you are, in fact, doing the right work- when you question yourself less and less.

The real answer here is that you are doing the right work – your right work – if you are satisfied and fulfilled, if you feel like you are accomplishing things and making your dreams happen.

If you don’t feel like that, then guess what?  You probably aren’t doing the “right” work.  You’re likely spending your time doing “should” stuff or things you’ve agreed to that have nothing to do with your dreams and goals.

But, don’t stress if that’s the case.  It’s never too late to get started- to begin.  Use these 10 guidelines to check in with yourself, and get yourself back in the game of living your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

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You are a mom and have all the stuff to do that being a mom requires. You also have to make your home tidy and a happy place, and you probably also want it to be lovely and super welcoming. You may also work, or have your own business, or you dream of starting your own business. And what about being creative? Or your friends, traveling, working in your garden and all the other amazing stuff you hope to accomplish in this life?

How in the heck do you juggle it all and get it all done?

Truthfully, you probably won’t be able to.

Say what?   😐

It’s true. When you are about big stuff, living inspired, and following your dreams, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do it all.

At any given point, you are probably dropping the ball with something.

The key is in how you look at it.

You can either beat yourself up, feel like crud and wish you could “just do things better.”

Or, you can deal with the chaos that sometimes comes with living a big life!

Accept that life will not always be perfect, you will not always have it all together in every single area of your life, and you will often drop the ball with things.

To really truly follow your dreams, you’ll probably need to prioritize and decide what things are really important and what things are fine to let go.

One of the biggest things is to let go of being perfect.

When you are truly orientated around your dreams, your passion and what you want your life to be about, things like having a perfectly neat home may not matter. Sure, you will want to tidy up and not let things get out of control, but spending hours every day making things just right is likely unnecessary.

Unless your thing is interior design and decorating and that is what you are truly passionate about. Then you probably will spend tons of time making your home just so, but you decide to let go of baking bread every week and making all your food from scratch.

You get the idea. Focus on what is truly important to you and let go of the stuff that, sure in an ideal world would be great to have perfect, but in this world, let go of the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Giving yourself permission to just focus on your good stuff and let go of the rest – this will free you up to truly live your magical life.

Here’s a quick productivity tip:  Clean up your workspace.

I know, it sounds simple enough, but this is an important aspect of being productive, motivated and inspired to get to work.  And by work, I mean taking action on your dreams, being creative and doing that thing that totally inspires you.

This is what my desk looks like at the moment:

Kind of scary!

About once per week, I notice myself feeling unmotivated, sluggish, and totally not inspired to work.  Then, I realize that my desk is a mess!  This is where I work, but I just don’t want to hang out here when it looks like this.

Now, I know this about myself.  Messy desk = Lisa doesn’t feel like working.  Sitting here frustrates me and stops the flow of creativity. Big time!

And yet, about once per week… my desk becomes a big ol’ crazy mess!  And I wind up feeling tired and sluggish, with zero motivation.

No accident.

The space that you work in will either totally inspire you and motivate you, or it will bring you down and exhaust you.

For me, it’s a quick fix – just clean it up, put everything away, open the window to let in some fresh air, and voila!  I have a happy workspace again.  It’s not perfect or even my ideal desk/work space, but it allows me to get to work.

Chaotic messiness slows things down.

A clean open space allows for creativity.

Simple as that.

Take a look at where you do your work, whatever your inspired work may be.  Does it call you over, inviting you to get stuff done?  Or do you avoid that space because it’s chaotic and totally unwelcoming?

What can you do, this weekend, to make a space that will welcome you and inspire you?  What can you do to open up that flow of creativity?


Ok, sorry.  My kids are watching Horton Hears a Who and well, I am excited!!

I have finally finished up the Make a Plan Workshop!

And I love it.  I really, really think that it is going to make such a big difference for all of you that have big dreams and ideas.    The workshop is a step by step guide, helping you to create a plan – a GOOD plan – to get your dreams off the ground.

You can read more about it here:  The Make A Plan Workshop.

And, I would SO LOVE your help with spreading the word about this.  So, if you could share about the workbook on Facebook, twitter, etc, I would be so thankful.

Ok, now off to go play with my kiddos, who have been incredibly patient with me as I’ve been finishing this up.  :)

A new video for you about one of those things that can really poison our big dreams and ideas:


We all get consumed by overwhelm from time to time.   My hope with this video is to give you some tips and tricks for dealing with overwhelm, so you can get yourself back to working on your dreams when life feels like there is just too much to do right now.

It’s a bit long (10 minutes), but this is a HUGE thing to talk about!   Keeping it under 10 minutes was tough!

I hope you enjoy it.

How do you deal with overwhelm?


This is the first of a new video series that I’m starting.  Twice a month (maybe more) I’ll be doing a short (less than 10 minutes) video talking about some of the aspects of living your dreams. 

What are the components of powerful living? And what are some of the things that might get in the way?

To kick things off, I decided to talk about Personal Power.  Because without it, there will be very little dream come true type of living, which is what we all ultimately want for our lives, right?

I hope you enjoy it!!

So, what do think?  How do you access your personal power or where do you struggle with this?