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Today I am excited to share with you a few words from Kathi Crosby, a designer and mom from California.

The truth is… life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Nothing is fitting into a box for me as I thought it would at this stage, few things are black and white, everything is up for realizing. Most things have two sides to it. So many conflicting emotions, thoughts, realities.

At one time this was overwhelming, for the moment it is refreshing. This is my truth.

I aim to simplify, I have 26 pairs of jeans.

Ukulele lessons intended for the purpose of modeling determination and what practice can do,  both excruciating and exciting at the same time.

I am working toward un-attachment, yet never been more attached than at this moment.

I left the corporate world to devote myself more fully to my family, this has led to freedom and suffocation simultaneously.

The truth is… that life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Gratitude on a daily basis overwhelms me, yet I yearn for so much more.

Equanimity is the goal, yet impatience and un-acceptance remain.

Non-Violent Communication is practiced with our children but I speak violently to myself.

With diminishing returns parenting can make one “un-happy” and we certainly have our hands full over here, yet my body aches to carry another and I can’t give up the boxes of outgrown onesies. Nursing bras aren’t even put away yet.

I am truly interested in music, design, art, politics and culture but it seems that I can only talk about one subject – my own children.

Aware of a need to stop and realize, stop and breathe, stop and live with intention – yet only two days in August are empty squares on the calendar and we have four activities today alone.

The truth is… that life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Kathi Crosby is a “part-time hybrid mother” working part time as a designer and writer.  She is currently working on a children’s clothing line.  You can learn more about Kathi on her blog,

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Oh my goodness, do I have a treat for you today!  None other than the always inspiring, Tara Wagner, sharing her truth today.  Tara is amazing.  Seriously. I have been super blessed having her be apart of the Visionary Mom Teams.  Knowing this woman makes such a huge difference in my life, and I am sure she will impact yours!  If you are unfamiliar with her, please be sure to go visit her blog, The Organic Sister.  Then come back and read these totally spot on words.

Life is My Truth by Tara Wagner

Lisa asked me several months ago to share my truth. And to be truthful, I kinda Eek!-ed out a little inside.

It’s not that I don’t have things that feel like Truth to me. It’s that I couldn’t easily narrow down what MY Truth is – that one guiding light or cornerstone to my life.

I have had 100 Truths in my life…each one of them completely true, at least in that moment. I have had messages in the form of single words that have transformed that time in my life….words like Balance….Acceptance….Trust….Authenticity….

But when I can zoom out, all the way out and really view the big picture, none of them are My Truth.

When I can look past the details, when I can clear the haze, the emotions, the confusion, when I can feel past the growing pains or the moments of joy, I really see one thing:

That life is good.

Not good, as in butterflies and rainbows and we’re all singing with the birds.

But Good…as in it is what it should be, perfect in its imperfection.

That life is enough.

Not enough, as in we’ll never want or need or experience more.

But enough to teach us what we’re here to learn and experience.

We don’t need to fabricate it or fight it. We don’t even need to understand it.

We just need to trust it.

Yes, life is messy and sometimes ugly. It can be dangerous and depressing and heartbreaking. It can leave us running to catch up or lying flat on our face. It has the ability to expose our deepest fears and tenderest vulnerabilities.

But there is beauty in that.

There is beauty in the pain we feel when we lose a father. There is goodness in the people that have been beaten down by circumstances. There is learning, even in the years we wish had never happened.

There is passion and love and persistence in the connections we allow to lift us up. There is curiosity and opportunities for growth all around us. There is inspiration and fun and excitement. And there is always room for gratitude.

This is life. This is good.

You can find Tara on her blog, The Organic Sister or her incredibly helpful website, Sustainable Baby Steps. Oh, and don’t forget about her amazing photography!

Thank you Tara, for sharing your wonderfulness with all of us!

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A regular series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

Oh how I am loving these beautiful words from an extraordinary Visionary Mom, Hannah Mayo….


I once thought I knew it. Oh my, did I ever. I suppose when we are very young, we always feel that we know everything (and maybe we do, and then lose that with age…?)

I was confident in the truth I thought I knew. I went out into the world, armed with it. Then, suddenly, I found myself jaded. And truth was something I never thought I would be sure of again. I decided it isn’t meant for us to know as humans, but that was only what I told myself so that I wouldn’t grieve the loss of direction too much.

Now, yes I am still young, but in many ways I have lived more than my years. I have spent a lot of time thinking. And I know my truth now. I have never been more sure of anything.

It is beauty.

It’s funny- as a girl and a woman, my relationship to the word beauty was not always positive. I have not always seen it in myself.  I saw it as something to strive for, to attain.  But this beauty that I speak of, the beauty that is my truth, is so much more than physical. (Though on a personal level it has been about self-acceptance.)
It is an innate sacredness in all the world. I see it everywhere, and it is divine. It reminds me that there is something to live for that is beyond myself. I see it in my child, my family, in nature, in the eyes of a stranger.

I believe that this beauty has the power to change minds and hearts, and to bring peace. And that it deserves- no, it must, be celebrated, shared, and cherished.

I suppose that I am meant to be a messenger of that. Through my words, through my art, through my actions and my life, my purpose is to reveal the beauty and sacredness that is so often missed, to everyone I come in contact with. My hope is that maybe it will then be passed on, in a domino effect that can impact the world in some way. Because it is not about me; it is only about being part of something bigger.

This is the legacy I want to leave- one of beauty, and also of love, of peace, and of passion. This is my truth.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
~John Keats

Hannah Mayo is a photographer who seeks to capture and share the beauty she sees in the world. She lives in Florida with her husband and 1 1/2 year old son.  You can find her at or her photography website:

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A regular series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

Today, we get to hear from Nina Gilbert….

My truth is that my life is messy.  Messy and beautiful, all rolled into one poop-smeared parcel of love.  My kids are wild and free  The older two fight and drive me crazy, and my husband leaves his socks and dirty tissues all over our bedroom floor.  I drink too much coffee to get through the day.  The youngest likes to eat dirt and run around naked most of the time…which I guess is why a whole bunch of the things in my life are literally poop-smeared.

My house is barely clean (see all those dried sippy cup milk stains all over my wooden floors?), all our clothes are stained, sometimes I leave the laundry wet in the machine for too long and it gets that funky smell, I use wet pieces of toilet paper to spot clean, my kids eat mac and cheese lots of nights a week, and I roll into bed at around 7pm, exhausted, depleted, and happy.  How’s that for truth?

Which brings me to the core of my truth-  I am happy.  I would not change anything about my life if I could.  I wouldn’t want the clean house, the freshly-washed kids and laundry, the shiny new things.  We are a messy, happy tribe, and we know how to love each other.  And some day, every day, that is enough.  The love at the core of our beings, at the core of our family, is what it all comes down to.

nina gilbert, aka “nina beana”, is a mama, a crafter, a self-taught artist, a massage therapist, and a doula.  she loves to play with color, vintage ephemera, children’s books, acrylics.  she’s also mighty fond of polaroids and photobooth strips.  nina loves to take pictures of bright, beautiful things that make her happy.  you can find her waxing poetic on the power of positive thinking, entertaining the masses in her cozy home, or being climbed on by her three wild children.  find out more about nina beana here: and

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A regular series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

This week, we get to hear from Visionary Mom reader, Hannah Marcotti.. .enjoy!

The Truth Is…

When I sit down my belly still has that little round pregnant look to it. My youngest is two.

I gave up dieting 2 years ago and during that two years learned to love my body, jiggly belly and all. I thought all those previous years that my belly size controlled my happiness, now I have learned it is the other way around. I used to stare at women who had flat bellies and compare them to mine. Now I admire the different shapes and fullness of bellies, I love a healthy strong woman with a softness to her, it is real and it is true. When I feel sexy and loved I become sexy and loved.

A week before my period I find it hard to look people in the eye, I struggle with social anxiety and I wish I could be alone, for the entire week.

Each new cycle we have as women brings a renewal and a chance to change, to refocus and to look within. It is an opportunity to seek some silence in a place where there is little time to feel still and lonesome and challenged. It is a time when my husband and I don’t feel connected, though as we are learning together, it is ok to allow some space. When I come out of that week I feel alive and full of passion, I can accomplish and move ahead. As I move through the sadness and self doubt that arises each month, there is the chance for me to grow, to become stronger and to understand my needs.

I long to have the kind of patience that allows me to just be when my kids are fighting or the baby is screaming.

I am not the only mother who wishes I had not yelled or lost my temper, who wishes for a do over. That we are not alone in this mothering world and admitting the truth of what it feels like, only brings us deeper connections. Trying to be perfect only brings us to failure. Believing there is a perfect mother, a perfect anything is waging a battle with ourselves that we will never win. Being me, working to love my children and my partner with creativity and joy is where I find success.

There are days when I feel tired, unsure of how I will get myself to where I want to be.

Some choices I’ve made along the way have led to challenges; most days I see those challenges as opportunity to become stronger and deeper as a woman. Most days I feed my body beautiful food, move it with joy and allow where I want to be to guide my actions. I’ve learned how to do that. I know that my mind is responsible for my happiness and that if I strive to be in joy and abundance, I can get there today, I am there today. It is not my bank account or the labels on my clothes that determine my abundance. Just like my happiness has control over my belly, so too does my mind control my abundance. Since I have allowed myself to change and to recognize that I am only stuck if I choose to be, I have been able to teach that process of change to others.

I never thought my marriage could end, now I understand that nothing is certain or permanent.

My husband and I lost our way somewhere in the middle of stress-full jobs and pregnancies that challenged our bond. My vision of being pregnant did not include months sick in bed, or the smell of another person’s body sending me into panic. It was a time that I learned a baby could cry for 8 hours a day and a tired mom has few tears to shed. Coming through that time with Patrick’s hair turning a bit gray and increasing lines on my face were physical symptoms, the emotional ones had stayed hidden. We saw the possibility of our union coming apart, and that crisis led us back to why we loved, why we chose, why we are. I understand that loving someone is a challenge and a choice, a daily practice of not taking the other for granted.

I have a tendency to self sabotage when things are going well, when it is out of my comfort zone.

Each of us has a predetermined idea of how successful, joyful, beautiful or abundant we can be. As these boundaries are challenged and we move towards breaking through them it is easier to go back to what we know, the comfortable and safe. Sabotage for me has looked like eating potato chips in the pantry, starting a huge fight with my husband, looking in the mirror with nasty thoughts. As I expand my world, those moments are now guides for understanding the work I need to do to move into where I want to be. Potato chip moments show me that something is off balance, that I need to rest and play in between the days of intense writing, working and creating. I see my fears and know that it is those fears, not the journey that is in my way. As I move towards my goals and fulfilling my dreams I am thankful for remembering to find my balance.

Hannah Marcotti is a Health and Lifestyle Coach living in Providence, RI with her husband and three children. Knowing when she was pregnant with her third child that it was time to leave diets and unhappiness behind, she healed her high anxiety disorder and body using food and mindful practices. After attending the Institute For Integrative Nutrition,  Hannah started her Coaching Practice, Hannah’s Harvest , where she uses food as a gateway towards transformation. She guides women from all over to discover and create the best version of their lives by setting goals and creating simple action steps that lead to big success.

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A weekly series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

This week we get to hear from the lovely and kind soul, Denise Lynette Andrade aka Boho Girl.

What is my truth?

My truth is that sometimes I feel words fail to express the depths of what my truth is and a simple image can tell my story.

We all resonate and marinate and learn and grow and become inspired in different ways by viewing the world through our own experiences.  So some of you will look at this image and see/hear the story you need to hear in this moment.  So, I choose to not get in the way of your own personal journey by projecting my own journey onto this moment for you.

This is me, wearing the name of my son imprinted on this Bella Wish pendant around my neck.  Today, this image is my truth.  It is your truth. Tomorrow…perhaps the words will come.

Yet another lesson in being enough.

Denise Andrade is the writer of the widely read blog, Boho Girl where she has chronicled her journey of leaving the corporate world to start a creative career, as well as her path of fertility, adoption, motherhood and the raw, honest layers of emotion that come with it all.   She is a photographer of artists and will soon be teaching a course online.  Denise is currently living in Southern California with her husband and son but in the process of manifesting a juicy new life in the Pacific Northwest.

Want to share YOUR truth?  You can submit a photo, an essay, a video, a story.. whatever you think would best communicate your own, personal truth.

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I love hearing from you!!

A weekly series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

This week, we get to hear from Kat Pevzner.

When I tell my truth it looks something like this:

The past two months have been the hardest I’ve been through.  My life and everything I know it to be has been turned sideways and things I had faith in, things that I trusted and that I was certain would always be there got spilled out when my life tipped over.

Even though this stuff isn’t quite over, and even though I’ll probably never really get over what happened, today- this moment, right now, I’m okay.  Let me tell you how that’s possible.

The truth is, I have a bounty of loved ones who are looking out for me.  They came to my rescue when this all happened.

They showed up with dinner, with offers to mind the children, willingness to sit with me and hand me copious amounts of tissues.They came with gentle loving hands, hands to weed the walkway, hands to rub my head, hands to put away my dishes.

They sent funny cards, boxes of books, art supplies, perfect coffee mugs, candles, delicious lavender lotion, tea, gluten free breads and brownies, rainbow striped socks… all the supplies needed to distract and pamper a broken heart.  Even the new friends, ones that didn’t know me all that well!  It didn’t matter, they knew what I needed and they were happy to give it.

They offered shoulders to cry on, arms to be held in, hands to rub stress out, feet to carry me.  They offered the strength it took to hold me up the best they could.

My dear friends, my loving family- they give me the time I need to mourn.  They give me space to create, make some art, get together with my art community to create my story (like the story bracelet in the photo).  They help me get through the hard tasks of the day and make them easier so that I can focus on what is vital which is to care for the children and care for myself.

The truth is, I’ve never thought I deserved to ask for the things that I need.  I always thought it was “too much to ask.

When I did ask, I even said “I’m asking too much!  I don’t know what I need, I don’t know who I think I am asking for help.”

It was the truth of one friend who said, “It’s up to US decide how we can help, you just need to sit back and receive it.”

And I did.

And now the truth is, I am the luckiest- the LUCKIEST girl in the world because I got the gift of love, the gift of support and kindness and permission to let go and fall back and trust that things would be taken care of.  I got to know perfect strangers more. I still can’t wait for them to meet the “real” me- the one without all the sadness swirling around my heart.  There have been more moments of laughter and clarity, despite the pain and unrest of the situation.  There have been far less things for me to worry about because they took care of some of the worries.  There have been more opportunities for me to NOT put that “self-care” off, because they’ve made sure to handle what it took for me to find the time.

The truth is, I could have tried to do this on my own, grief would have been so long, and so painful and lonely and I may have made terrible choices because my judgment wouldn’t have had the same amazing sounding board that I have with all these loving and patient people to give me the feedback I need… but I’m glad I DIDN’T have to do this alone.

The truth is that I could let my anger, my sadness, my fear, my heartbreak consume me but the cheerleaders in my life fill me up with love and support so that there is not a heck of a lot of room to let any of those things settle in for long.

I owe so much of the success that I’ve gone this far and continue to walk with my head up to all those gifts in my life that I call my friends and my family.

I thank them all… I thank them all for their love, I will always ALWAYS appreciate everything they have done for me.  I wish everyone experiencing difficulties in their lives have what I was given.

The truth is that I can never thank them enough.  But  someday, when they need me- I will be so ready and willing to return the many kindnesses bestowed upon me by all of them.

Thank you.

about Kat in her own words:

I am trying to create a vision of what I do in the next minute, the next hour, the next day, week, month, year… the next lifetime.  My vision includes dancing my heiny off with Sage and Iris- my beautiful children, singing along- really really loudly to the radio, dreaming of living in a little house by the sea, laughing. a lot. creating art, creating dinner, creating friendships, creating a happy little mess with paint and paper. and creating a life full of love and kindness- spreading it as far as I can to as many people as I can.

My mission, from my blog (

My mission is to see art, children, family, crafts, words and love as a growth opportunity by reaching out to those who inspire and to be brave and true wile I do it.  I am enough.  I am enough.  I am more than enough…and I need to start believing that.

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