Dreaming Big + Vision

Let’s talk about fear and VULNERABILITY, because I know it’s something that holds you back from going for those big dreams that really matter to you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my sister.  She was thinking about joining the Visionary Mom Business Kickstart with me, something we’ve talked about her doing for almost a year.

Her story…

Before my baby sister became a mom, she was training to be a doula.  She had been around the birth community a lot, spent time at the births of many friends, and it’s what she was most passionate about.

And she is super good at doula-ing.  I know, because she was MY doula when my son was born.

She was the only sane person in the room – seriously.  Without her, I think I would have gotten lost in the la-la land I went into to cope with the pain.  She was a rock and her presence is what made that birth be powerful.   I’m not sure I would even be able to remember any of it except she kept me focused and paying attention.

A couple years later, she became pregnant with her own little dude and being on call 24-7 just wasn’t working.  She and her hubs live on a farm in Washington and her life quickly became about holding down the fort.

All along, though, she would talk about birthing stuff: loving it and missing it.  She would run into her midwife and they would “talk shop” and that passion would come up to the surface – her wanting to be a part of the powerful journey of women bringing babies into the world.

But, she had her son and busy farm life, and when could she really get back to it?

Is this sounding familiar?  Can you see where you might be putting stuff on hold, not sure how to fit in things that you deeply love (or used to love) with your busy, mama life?

We ALL feel that!  Trust me, you are not alone.

Then, along came baby #2 and the doula dream – that desire to make her own impact and be apart of something important got pushed further and further to the back burner.

So then, I start working with women to make their business dreams happen.  She and I would talk from time to time about HER dreams and I’d invite her to come play on a team.

But, she doesn’t.

Life goes on… the babies get taken care of, the chickens get fed, the food gets canned, the gardens get planted.

But there is still that doula dream simmering on the backburner!!    

Then, a few months ago, my gorgeous sister accidentally ends up at birth, being a stand in doula for a friend.  BOOM!  The passion and love for birthing and getting to be there and feeling like this is where she belongs is FIRED UP.

So, we talk about her joining a team again and one day, in my inbox is her registration.   WOAH??  My baby sister is doing it!!

But, here’s the thing….  She is still just as scared, just as unsure, just as worried about how to fit it in, how to make it happen, etc.

Even bigger than that, is this HUGE naked, vulnerable feeling of “what am I doing??”

Vulnerability is big time craziness.

Here we are with dreams and ideas and stuff we’re crazy passionate about.  But then we are scared shitless to go for it, to share it with the world, to put ourselves out there.

That makes absolutely no sense, but it’s what happens – a lot!   For all of us.

So, we hold back, we wait, we hesitate….

And the dream begs to come to the surface, it taunts us and reminds us of what we really love, trying to encourage us to go for it…

But, the fear holds us back..  again and again.

Until we just decide to freaking do it.  To find out, to see.

That’s what happened with my sister.  Today, on the phone, she said, “at least now I’ll know if this is what I’m supposed to do and I’ll stop wondering, that is worth it.”

Nonetheless, she feels scared and raw and OPEN.


Putting our dreams on the table and risking our heart is so unbelievably scary.

The Visionary Mom Business Kickstart officially gets underway today, but this past week, the team has been introducing themselves and getting to know each other.

My sister posted a bit of her story on our facebook group, really sharing herself, it was raw and REAL.  She immediately emailed me saying she thought it sounded stupid.

I immediately opened up facebook to read it and was moved to tears – by her honesty,  her truth.

The other team members were too.  And here she was, feeling like what she wrote was lame.

But, that worry – it’s what we all think and feel when we start to really go for it.  The fear and uncertainty, feeling like we sound lame, but also feeling that deep love for what we feel called to do at the same time.

No wonder we get stopped in our tracks!  It’s a wild bundle of emotions to feel all at once.

This may be you, too, wanting something, dreaming about it, but afraid.

I get it, I really do.  I’ve been there and I AM there, with my own current dreams and passions.

It’s what it is to be human and ALIVE.

My question to you is this:  what are you waiting for?

If you have a dream like my sister does, like I do, like most of the women I know do – that’s hanging out on the backburner, itching for attention, wanting to be realized, but you are scared (or unsure, or worried, or something)  – my question is this..


Whatever is in your heart, whatever impact you want to make, whatever way you want to contribute YOUR gifts to the world, we are waiting for it!

It’s not lame!   It’s amazing.

YOU, precious mama are a gift.


The Visionary Mom Business Kickstart is officially underway.  If your dream means having your own business… what are you waiting for?

This is THE most complete, actionable, deep, heartfelt, kick in the ass that you are ever going to get to stop HOLDING BACK and FREAKIN’ GO FOR IT!

Find out more here.
(We’ve already started, but you can still jump in until Thursday)

If you are just at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, I’m sure you have a lot of questions (maybe even a few doubts).

I hear a lot from the moms I work with that one of your big reasons for HOLDING BACK is that you want to make sure you’re choosing the RIGHT business, for fear that what you want to do isn’t going to work.

  • Will it make money?
  •  Would anyone actually be interested?
  •  Am I ready?

 Yeah, that “Am I Ready” thing is a big one. 

Here’s the truth:   you’re NEVER really going to be ready.

Because ready is a fictitious ideal that you have in your head and guess what?

You’re never going to make the cut. (ouch!)

You just have way too high of standards for yourself and because of that, you’ll never EVER feel like you’re “ready.”

This is good news, though!

Because, you don’t have to be ready.  You just have to begin. 

That’s what I did 9 years ago when I started down the road of self employment.

My (now ex) husband loved food and cooking, so we started a catering company.  We had NO IDEA what we were doing, we just went for it!!

I loved many aspects of our business and we were pretty damn awesome (if I do say so myself).  Our clients were super happy and our business was going strong.

That is, until I realized that I didn’t like many aspects of the catering business, and wasn’t too fond of working side by side with my husband (he’s my ex now for a reason.  😉 )

One of the things I REALLY loved about our catering business, though, was working with brides.  So I decided to start a wedding planning business.

Again, I loved many things about helping people plan awesome celebrations of love.   I learned so much about what it takes to find clients and book gigs and put myself out there.

But,  I started to feel weird helping people spend small fortunes on such extravagance and I fell out of love with wedding planning.

Next up in my entrepreneurial journey? 

While taking care of my babies, I was a die hard cloth diaper user.  I researched and learned and found myself knowing more than one person should know about poop and pee and diaper rash.  😉

My daughter wearing a wool cover I knitted for her. :)

Thus began my first official online business: an informational website teaching people all about cloth diapering.

Over the course of a few years, I learned tons and tons and tons about SEO, website coding, design, marketing and growing an audience.  My site grew and grew and grew.

And then, my babies potty trained and just didn’t care about diapers anymore (imagine that!).

I kept that website going for a few years, enjoying some residual income.  But, my heart wasn’t into it anymore and a few years ago, I made the decision to close up the site.

About this time is when Visionary Mom was born.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because working for yourself is a JOURNEY.

Where it will take you, you have NO IDEA!

My journey led me from food to weddings to poop expert… all the way to coaching moms to start their dream business!

One thing about working for yourself is certain:  you will learn more about yourself than pretty much anything that you will do with your life (much like parenting).  Owning your own business will push you to grow and along the way you will change.

And so will your business!

When you start something new, you aren’t stuck with it forever.  You can stop, change things up, shift gears and bend with the ever changing circumstances of your life.

What inspires you today may not inspire you tomorrow.

Once you dive in, you may discover aspects of your “dream” business that you really don’t like, making it no longer your dream business.

You will learn things along the way that you had NO IDEA you would absolutely love and you’ll want to explore these new discoveries.

But, you won’t ever get to do any of that if you don’t GET STARTED!

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that what they are succeeding at today, is not what they originally set out to do.

So, stop trying to figure out the “right” business to do.

Just get started, explore your ideas, put yourself out there, be willing to take the chance, and most importantly…  be willing to FAIL!

You will fail, by the way.  It’s part of learning and growing and building something.  Not everything is going to work out exactly as you had planned.  But, that is part of the process.  It’s what is going to make you stronger and SMARTER down the road.

Along the way, on your journey, if you keep going, you WILL succeed.

xo, Lisa


You really don’t need to worry about figuring out the perfect, “right” business to get started, you only need the DESIRE to work for yourself and the COURAGE to get started.

But, you will want to make sure that you know a little about what it takes to succeed and get started with confidence.

That’s why I’m teaching a free tele-class – this Saturday – covering the 4 key ingredients to starting a successful business.   It will help you to clarify your business dreams and give a VERY clear direction of how to get started.

You can register for this free class, or find out more here.   



What I am most interested in here at Visionary Mom is helping you to make your dreams REAL.  It is one thing to wish for things, to want them, to desire something new and exciting in your life.

It is quite another thing to LIVE your dreams.

To be them.  To produce results and make big things happen.  To accomplish your goals and be inspired and to feel like your life is being lived with purpose and passion.

When you start to see your brilliant ideas manifest into the very fabric of your life… THAT is exciting and powerful!

So, today, I want to talk with you about how to make your big ideas happen.  Let’s get to it…

First, you have to start with VISION.

I talk about this alot.  You have to be clear about your vision…. your WHY.

It’s important because:  if you’re just doing stuff to do stuff… well, that is going to get tired fast.  Who needs more stuff on their todo list, right?

But, when you can articulate and speak about your vision in a crystal clear way – so that it inspires you and inspires others, that’s when life gets juicy. 

Your life becomes about something bigger, something that is deeply fulfilling and feeds your soul.    And THAT is what we want, yes?

Next, you have to have a PLAN.

Once you know what you want to experience and feel, what inspires you, and the impact you want to make with your life – your vision…  the next thing to do is plan.

Planning gives you a path to take, a destination and a road map to make your dreams a reality.   Without a strong plan, you are leaving things up to chance and we don’t want that!

You want to produce results and make magical things happen.  A plan will help you know what there is to do and will help guide the choices ahead.

A good plan will help ease your stress, uncertainty and overwhelm.  When done right, you will feel empowered and excited to take action.  

Without a plan, it can be really scary if you look at all there is to do.    Planning should break things down, make what there is to do feel DOABLE and motivate you to start taking action.

Planning gives you the framework to create and design a life that you love. 

Once you have a clear vision and an awesome plan, it’s time to take ACTION.

Action is more tricky.  It’s where the rubber meets the road and where you will get tested and confronted and challenged.

BUT!  Taking bold action is also how miracles happen and how you will make your dreams come true!  So, this is important.

For most every single person that I’ve coached, taking action is usually the hardest part.  This is where you will get stuck, give up, run away in fear, never even get started, doubt yourself, etc.

To powerfully take action, you need to have:

1.  Commitment

Often times what we THINK we want for our lives is not what we are really COMMITTED to.   You have to get yourself into a space of commitment to start taking action.  Wanting something is not enough.

Think about how committed you are to your kids – taking actions to care for them is easy (most of the time) and you don’t walk around going, “well should I feed my kids dinner tonight, I’m just not sure if it’s the right thing to do, maybe I’m not ready, what if they don’t like what I make… etc.”

You want to bring that same kind of unshakable commitment to making your dreams happen.

2.  Proper Mindset

Commitment and mindset go hand in hand.  Being able to put yourself in a powerful state of mind to take action is critical to not only take the actions you need to take, but also important so you will be EFFECTIVE when you do.

When you BELIEVE you can accomplish your goals and are doing so in service of your vision, your actions will be so much more potent.  When you doubt and question yourself – your actions are muddy.    Period.

3.  Accountability

When I know that someone is counting on me to do something, I am going to do it.  Aren’t you the same way?

Self accountability is much harder.  We let ourselves off the hook easily.  We put things off until “tomorrow” and this happens more often than we like to admit.  If you can create an environment of accountability – either with yourself or to another person – you are waaaaay more likely to get stuff done.

Accountability has to do with integrity and having a solid relationship with what you say you’re going to do.  This takes practice and patience and oftentimes – kindness.

Accountability is HUGE part of the getting stuff done mindset.

4.  Being Organized

Taking on big projects and ideas – in our business and in our lives – takes a certain level of organization.  To take action, you need to know what there is to do and where the stuff you need to do your work can be found.

If you are digging through boxes and taking 2 hours to set up your workspace every time you sit down to create something, you won’t get much done.

If you are just working randomly – not sure what will make an impact or have you be productive, then you will end up on facebook just wasting time.

Being organized about your dreams and goals will help you accomplish them faster. 

5.  Clarity

If you are worried and stressed and doubting yourself, the work you do will be less than your best.  If you are CLEAR – with the right mindset, a powerful vision, a good plan and the confidence in yourself – then… WOW!  Look out world there is so much you can do!!!

Taking the time to get yourself clear and focused will help you take actions that make a difference.

6. Courage

Really, none of this can happen without courage.  Doing big stuff with our lives, taking risks, going for it.. that is SCARY!  That fear can easily cripple even the boldest of dreamers.

Courage means to take action in the face of fear – it doesn’t mean the fear will go away.  When you are courageous – afraid and taking action anyway – there is NOTHING in the world that you can’t do!

These six elements:  commitment, proper mindset, accountability, being organized, clarity and courage will help you to start and KEEP taking action. 

And finally, you have LIVE OUT LOUD

How are you doing?  You hanging in there with me?  Yes?  Ok, good.  Because this next piece is a BIG deal!

You can’t accomplish big things on your own.  You just can’t.  It’s a fact of life.  Great ideas, movements, businesses, art projects, adventures and anything else that you can dream up that is BIG cannot be done in isolation.

So, to accomplish your dreams and produce inspiring results, you’re going to have to open your mouth and SHARE what’s in your heart.  Your ideas and your passions and what you see is possible in the world – they want to be heard by others!

That’s scary, I know.  But it’s a critical – life changing – step on the path toward making your dreams a reality.   Doing so takes courage and vulnerability and risk.  You’ll be letting people know what you really, really want for your life.  And that thing that you want to make happen: it may fail miserably, completely not work, or people might think you’re completely nuts for going for it.


Living out loud is a big deal.   It makes such a huge difference.  But, finding the courage to let people into your heart and share what you’re dreaming about is not always easy,  I know.

That raw vulnerability to create something, share it and put yourself out there is scary. 

It’s also very powerful.  It’s the secret ingredient for making your dreams go from idea to reality.

So Let’s Review

The way to turn your dreams into reality is to make sure that you have each of these four ingredients working together:

1.  Your Vision:  Your why is the juice behind working your butt off to make big stuff happen. 

2.  A Plan:  Knowing where you’re going and how to get there so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels. 

3.  Taking Bold Action:  Things aren’t going to magically happen by themselves –  you have to put your foot to the pedal and START!

4.  Living Out Loud:  Awesome ideas are going to grow and blossom when you stop trying to do everything on your own and start participating in powerful ways with the communities around you.

I would LOVE to help you learn how to apply this formula to your life.  It’s not easy to do these things, I know.  But, I also know – from my own experience and from working with hundreds of other moms – that when you use this formula in your life – BIG results will happen! 

  • You will accomplish things that you never thought you could.
  • You will grow and become the person you dream of being.
  • You will come alive and be radically inspired.
  • You will be happy and fulfilled knowing that your life will unfold the way you want it to be.  The way you dream it to be.  And THAT is awesome!!

So, here is what I’m proposing – really it’s an invitation:

  • If you would like to immerse yourself in these ideas, practice them and get good at applying them
  • If you would like make something big happen in your life
  • If you know that doing it alone just isn’t an option….

Then I would like to invite you to come be on the next Visionary Mom Team that starts on February 18th.

The VM Team is a 3 month group coaching program that is super affordable and super effective at getting you into action.   It’s less than $15 per week!!  I think your dreams are worth that, don’t you?  You can find out more about the teams here.


I believe in you and your dreams. It is so freaking inspiring to me to hear what you guys are doing!  And I so love hearing from you.  So, please share with me what starts to happen as you apply these steps in your life.  They work!!

xo, Lisa


My Aunt died yesterday.  She’s my great aunt actually and I didn’t really know her very well until last year.

Last summer we spent a long weekend together for a family reunion, sharing stories, deep from the heart kind of stories and I fell in love with this amazing woman who is the sister to my late grandfather.

Aunt Bonny was this radiant soul who cared for people deeply.  She was with her wife for 25 or so years, both out lesbians since they became one, both working for the public school system.  COURAGE!  They worked hard to fight for gay rights and to make a difference in big and small ways in their community.

Sitting with my aunt, hearing her tell me their story and sharing with me about her life, I was so blown away by the way that she lived:  with love, courage, humility, compassion, beauty and grace.  I left our reunion so happy that this woman was of my blood and that I got to know her and her wife the way family should know each other: seeing each other for who we really are and cherishing that deeply.

Thanks to facebook, after our time together, I got to know both of these awesome women more.  To see them speak out about things that matter to them, to see them share their love for each other and this great big, giant love affair with life.  WOW!  Bold living and such inspiration!

I can’t even really express how awed I became of my aunt and her wife.  Two magical spirits living life in a big way.

And then, we got the news.  The C word.  Just 6 or 7 months later, she is gone.

The last few weeks, I have gotten to see what a true champion for humanity my aunt was.  Even on her death bed, waiting to let go, she did so with courage and love and grace.  I’m sure there were ugly moments, but I know, without question that her unbelievable spirit shone through every step of the way.

And so did the big love held in the heart of my Aunt Jan, her wife.  We should all be so lucky to have someone at our side in our final days, loving us the way Jan loved Bonny.  Breathtaking.   Goose bump worthy.  What love stories are made of.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because as I sit here coming to terms with her death, it’s making me think about life and LIVING.

Or more accurately, how we live and the legacy that we leave behind.

I’m sure that my aunt was not perfect.  She made mistakes and pissed people off and stubbornly did her own thing.  I’m sure she rocked a boat or two.

But what is remarkable now is seeing this huge tidal wave of love that is stirring me to the core… people sharing the impact my aunt had on their lives, the love they have for her, the way she inspired and touched people.

She lived life in a way that made a difference, that made an impact.  She lived courageously, she stood for things that mattered to her and spoke out about them.  And most importantly, she loved with a big heart.  Only she knows the answer to this, but my guess is that she lived completely true to herself.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Living in a way that is true, that matters, that celebrates what is possible as we go about our day to day living?

So, today, in honor of my beautiful aunt, I ask you to go live YOUR truth, live in a big way, stand for things, take bold action, open your heart a wee bit wider, and don’t settle for just going through the motions.

Live your dreams.

Today, not someday.  Get started.  We don’t know how much longer we have here.

Just last summer my aunt was jumping on the trampoline, swinging on a swing over a river and spending quiet precious moments making nature art projects with my kids.  And now she is gone.

So, please, I beg you.  Stop waiting, stop trying to figure things out and stop trying to be perfect.  And please stop waiting for your courage.  Just go for it and trust that the courage will come.

LIVE!!  Live your life in a way that will leave a giant tidal wave of people talking about you after you pass on.  But don’t do it for me or my aunt or all those people that will be talking about you, do it for YOU!!

Go live your life in way that inspires YOU and that will surely inspire those around you.

I am going to miss my aunt terribly.  My heart aches for her wife, who loves her in such a gorgeous way.  But I am also grateful that she is here with me, her blood flows through my veins, we are family.  And her spirit will live on in the way I go about my day to day living, making my own difference in the big and small ways.

Right now, take a moment and think about your life.  What impact do you want to make?  What do you want to leave behind?  Write it down, share it and most importantly go live it.

For me.. this is what my life is about:  Bold living, truth and profound love.

xo, Lisa


I can’t let the day go by without writing a new year post.

Happy New Year!!!!

I love this time of year… the anticipation and excitement of creating a new year, it’s exciting!  There is something about that clean slate feeling that leaves me feeling hopeful and hungry for new things.  Does it do that to you?  Or do you get sick of all the over-zealousness and bombardment of newness?

Either way: if you are excited or over it… the new year is here.  And, in honor of that, I would like to invite you to 2 different free events that I’ve created to help you set your year up to be amazing.    And not just amazing.. mind blowing and game changing.  I want your 2013 to be THE YEAR that you will look back on and go “oh yeah!  that year changed my life.”


I think that this where the new year gets a bit of a bad rap… because so many of us start the year full of hope and promise and commitment – wanting to make big stuff happen that we haven’t yet, only this time.. THIS time!!  We are going to do it.

And then we don’t.  Or we do sort of, until the newness of new years fades away and we are left with life being back to business is usual.  I know that happens to me sometimes.  I get all gung ho about stuff and my new habits or projects or initiatives just don’t STICK.

But, I have learned ways around that.. I’ve got powerful ways to have new stuff STICK so I can accomplish the stuff that really, truly inspires me. 

That’s what these two events are about.. they aren’t about resolutions or making a bright and shiny new todo list.  Nope.  That stuff doesn’t work.

What I want to give you are tools that will help you to CREATE your year in a way that it sticks and you feel COMPELLED to take action..  so you can live a life that you really, truly love.

These calls are about LIVING, not just dreaming.

The first call will be about life stuff:  your family, health, finances, your home, creativity and all the other soulful juicy stuff that has you love your life.

The second call is about your business (for those that work for yourself) – we will explore the impact your business is going to make this year and how to accomplish those big goals that inspire and scare you at the same time.   We’re talking about having your business be everything you dream it to be and then some.

To register for one or both of those calls: click this link.   They are free, will be recorded and will make a difference. A big difference.  My gift to you this new years.

A happiest of happy new years to you!

I hope you accomplish all your big and small dreams, that you experience life in a delicious way, that you grow and learn and become who you’ve always wanted to be.  I wish for you tons of love, big giant belly laughs, sweet tender moments, inspiration that feeds your soul, creativity oozing out of you, deep heartfelt connections, crazy adventures and that you experience this year as a miracle.

xo, Lisa

Sign up for either of those free classes mentioned above here. 



I know not everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I truly believe that taking a moment to stop and be grateful, to look at our lives and celebrate the things that make our lives awesome is one of the most important things we can do to cultivate a happy, fulfilled life.

At midnight last night, I was lying in bed, thinking about what’s making me happy right now and I couldn’t go to sleep until I dragged myself out of bed to write this list of gratitude:

**I’m thankful for ideas that keep me up at night and gentle reminders that come from surprising places to keep on going.

**I’m thankful for connecting with people, seeing who they are and what they dream about and feeling my own soul get inspired and say to them: YES!

**I’m thankful for the role I get to play as witness to the delightful imagination of my kids.  I love to discover more about what makes them tick.

**I’m thankful for the chance to chat with other mothers, to share our stories and our fears and to know that I have found sisters that I never knew I needed beyond the one amazing sister I already have.

**I’m thankful for kindness and watching others reach out and be interested in other people.  It makes me know without question that there is good happening in the world.

**I’m thankful for the sun and the wind and waiting for snow while enjoying some warmth.

**I’m thankful for family – both the blood kind who I know are always there backing me up, no matter what — but also for the family of friends and dreamers and do-gooders that I get to know and celebrate the joys of living with.

**I’m thankful that I have this moment to make a difference and to share and inspire people to live their lives in magical ways.

**I’m thankful that there are people in the world who care about living life in a powerful way and aren’t willing to settle or live life asleep.

**I’m thankful for motherhood in all it’s forms – whether we’re birthing our children or our ideas, it’s a very cool moment that every person on the planet should get to experience.

**I’m thankful for a heart full of love and the courage to experience and feel it shaping every moment of my life.

And I’m thankful for you.  For letting me in to share my dreams and letting me help you to realize yours.

Life is a pretty groovy thing and we are all very lucky to get to be here, right now.

Much, much love to you, your children and your families, may this moment fill you up with goodness.

xo, Lisa




Happy New Year!!

It’s here, isn’t it?  Already just about a week into a brand new year.

Are you still plotting and planning, thinking about your plans for 2012?

If so, be sure to grab yourself a FREE New Year Strategy Session with me to look at exactly what you want to accomplish and HOW you’re going to go about making your big ideas happen this year.

Also.. last year, I did a whole big, long series about Intentions.. how to create them, how to keep them, and how to use them to empower you to make stuff happen in your life.  You can check out that series here. 

So, what do you want 2012 to be about?

This is the thing that I’m going to be working on in this new year  (and I’m going to be super focused on training and working with anyone who also wants this in her life)… it’s this:

Living a Visionary Life

And here’s what I mean by that…

You know those moments when all is clear.. anything is possible.. you know that you can BE anyone you want.. you can ACCOMPLISH anything you desire, you can love with all your heart and zero fear, courage comes easy, and in that moment you are 100% satisfied, ridiculously happy and without question fulfilled?  I call those magic moments.

In those magic moments, your VISION for life is also very, very clear.  The essence, or flavor, of what truly inspires you is right there, present and filling you up.

It’s giving you life.

When you can take that vision and infuse it into all areas of your life:  your parenting, your work, your home, your friendships, your art, and everything else that you do (even folding the laundry).  When your vision is the backbone of your entire life.. that is Visionary Living.

When you live this way it makes an impact. 

It effects everything and everyone you come into contact with.  The world becomes a better place because YOUR vision is out there making a difference.

So that’s what I’m focusing on this year..  Living MY life in a visionary way and helping as many moms as I can to also live Visionary Lives.

Because, can you imagine that?

Us moms totally inspired, in contact with our own magnificent inspirations and living in a way that has our biggest, boldest visions fully out there, alive in the world?

Imagine the impact of that on our kiddos?   And who they will become because of us livng true to what we believe and invision for the world? (yeah, awesome, huh?)

Ok, I know I am doing some grandiose thinking here.. but really.. why not?

Why not live life to make an impact?

Why not be connected to that powerfully aliveness?

Why not spread joy and happiness and fulfillment with everything we do?

Why freakin not?

I think I’ll grab that as my mantra for the year.. WHY FREAKIN’ NOT??

I love you guys!

Thanks for being here and spreading the magic of Visionary Living with me.    So excited to see what impact each and every one of you make in the world throughout this sparkly brand new year.

xo, Lisa