GIS Training Source Gets A Facelift



Color Palette:

Client Information:

GIS Training Source brings GIS training programs directly to their clients.  Kelly, the owner, is still working on content updates, so the new look hasn’t been launched.  



Kelly came to me wanting to update her site.  She felt like it was too stiff and didn’t express her personality and the unique way she does her trainings.

Kelly is a FUN person, working in an industry that can be serious.  So, we wanted to give her a website that was a match for the bright personality that is Kelly, while still being professional and in line with what people in her industry would expect.


Here’s what Kelly had to say after we finished her design:

Lisa created a gorgeous and professional high-impact wordpress site for my mapping business. She was really committed to getting the right look and functionality that I would love and that would bring in more clients – because that’s the whole point!

I’m thoroughly delighted with it, and working with Lisa is a joy! Also, she is a master at both the technical side of it all AND the graphical visual pieces you’ll need, all in one person!

  A Peek At Kelly’s New Site: