Bringing Your A-Game vs. Being Supermom

Last week I talked about bringing your A-Game.  And now a word of caution about that.

You can’t bring your A-Game to everything.

Really, you can’t.

Well, you might be able to if you have very few things that you really, truly care about.

Which you don’t.

Because I know you guys, and I know you have LOTS of ideas, LOTS of passions, LOTS of things that matter to you.

You will make yourself insane trying to bring your A-Game to all of that at the same time.

That is trying to be Supermom, which I think is a pretty insane goal.

The name of the game here is to live with passion and purpose, to go for it, to pursue your dreams.

It IS NOT about trying to be perfect and juggling a dozen balls in the air without ever dropping one.

Life is sticky and messy and unpredictable.  It is not perfect.

So don’t go thinking that you have to bring your A-Game all the time to everything.

Trying to do that will only leave you feeling like a failure.  Because it can’t be done.

I find, in my own life, that I bring my A-Game to different things, as I feel the need.

Kind of like a hot potato.

Only, not really.

More like me bringing my A-Game is this magical little force of awesomeness that I pass on to the areas of my life that I feel really need it.  I dive in and give that area everything I have and make some good stuff happen.  Then, I pass the potato onto another area of my life.

So, juggling, yes.  Only the balls don’t all need to stay in the air.  Sometimes (often) they drop, and that’s okay.

I pick them back up and keep working, keep trying, keep going for it, without forgetting that it’s just a game.  But, not just any old game.  It is the game of MY LIFE and I play it the best I can and push myself when I need it, rest whenever I can, and remind myself that living this life is a gift.

It’s okay to pick and choose where you are going to bring your A-Game.    In fact you should pick and choose.

Because trying to go 100% all the time will just wear you out.

And what fun is that? :)

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