Bring Your A-Game

If you didn’t know, I am back in school, pursuing a passion of mine.   It’s been 20 years and in many ways it is kicking my butt.

But, there is this other thing happening…

I am totally rockin’ it – bringing my A-game and really pushing myself.

I’m a good student and can get pretty decent grades just by showing up and doing the work, but I am so committed to winning here – to excelling – to turning myself into an amazing designer, that I keep taking it up a notch.  I keep seeing how much more I can do.

There have been many nights (and weeks) where I am exhausted because I stayed up way too late or have been stressed and worried about how I am doing.

But, more often then not, I feel really satisfied.  Full.  Happy. Content. Proud.

So what does this have to do with YOU?

Everything, really.  Because it’s about this whole phenomenon of bringing your A-game to life.

If you are feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, bored, not good enough, stressed, etc….  my guess is that you are not bringing your A-game.

What does the A-game look like?

It is you – surrendering completely to whatever it is you are working on.  Going for it with all your strength and your power and your delicious, ferocious love.

It is you putting yourself to bed at night knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you gave it everything you’ve got.  That you didn’t sell out, or cut corners, or cheat in some way.

It is you pursuing your dreams with an undying, delirious passion.   Those things that make you happy and fulfilled and inspired all the way to the core of your being.

It is you saying no to the shoulda’s and woulda’s, the things that you think will make you happy, but they won’t.  Because they are not really the stuff that makes YOUR heart sing.

It is you looking for ways to be better,  to push yourself, to discover what you are really made of.

You know what it looks like.

There have been times in your life – maybe even right now – when you have brought your A-game to the party.  When you have played full out – given your all – revealed your heart and soul with no fear or reservation.

You know those moments.

It may be that it has been awhile since you lived like this – giving yourself fully to task at hand.

So often, we walk through life just going through the motions, it may be that you have become a bit numb even.

But, no worries if you have.  Don’t go beat yourself up about it.

Just know that you haven’t been bringing your A-game.

And, then, if you are inspired to do it – start playing a little harder, a little more fully, with a bit more passion.

See what happens.  You just might surprise yourself.

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