Bring on the Passion

I have a lot of you asking about how to stay motivated, how to stay inspired.

The simple answer is, you won’t.


But, my friends, it’s true.

Motivation, being inspired, keeping your intention in focus, will come and go.

It will never, ever just be the way that it is all the time.

But, you can create passion or inspiration or whatever you want to call it, anytime.  ANYtime.

She is there, available and willing to bless you with her presence whenever you want her to.   The trick is to create it.

Where we get frustrated is because:

  1. We want to feel inspired all the time.
  2. We just want to feel it without doing anything.
  3. We want her to just show up and inspire us.
  4. We are waiting.  And waiting and waiting.

The thing is – the bus is not going to pull into the station any minute now.  In fact, the inspiration bus NEVER stops, she just keeps moving forward.  So, you have to go running after her!!

Or, more, accurately, you have to create passion and inspiration.

One way to do that is to create powerful intentions that inspire you and then do the work to really dwell in them.

You can also create an intention that is about pulling passion toward you and then simmer in that intention for awhile.

Some examples, “I intend to:

  • create passion.
  • ignite passion.
  • express my enthusiasm.
  • experience inspiration.
  • unlock inspiration.

Those, for sure, would get you thinking about and working on creating passion and inspiration in your life vs.  just waiting around for it.

The other thing is that so many of you are wanting to “find” what it is you are passionate about.  But, that too, is something you have to create.  Waiting around to discover your thing is just going to leave you empty handed.

If you are quiet enough and listen to what is in your heart, you know what it is that brings you immense joy.  You know what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar.  You may not know how to do it or even the specifics of what it will actually look like if you play it out.  But you know. You just have to be willing to hear it.

And, more often than not, the thing that moves your soul, will not be a “thing” like painting or some specific business, it will be an experience. Something you connect with on a deep experiential level that truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

Then, when you know what that is, you can create an intention to bring more of that into your life.  Doing so will lead you down all kinds of amazing paths toward that passion.  The HOW to get there doesn’t really matter, but experiencing it does.    Could be love, kindness, compassion, creativity, courage, stillness, inspiration, passion, boldness, family, etc.

You know what inspires you. If you listen and pay attention, you’ll hear it and then you can create something that has you bring more of that into your life.  That is how to “stay” motivated and inspired.   You create it, which is an ongoing process and something you can do in any moment.

Day 5 of the Creating Intentions Series.

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