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Ask Yourself This Question ~ What do you stand for?

Do you know the answer to this question?  Like, do you REALLY know?  In the depths of your soul ~ what is it that most matters to you, that you won’t settle for no matter what?   What is it that wakes you up from just going through the motions?  What motivates you to make things happen?  What will you not be silent about?

What do you stand for?

This week’s challenge is to get yourself clear.  Really, really clear.  What do you stand for?  What moves you?  What inspires you?  What do you line your life up to fulfill?  What will you not take no as an answer for.

Write it out.  Draw it.  Photograph.  Articulate it.

Share it.

Let the world know who you are what your life is about.

A stand is a powerful force.  You can’t mess with it.  It propels you, it pulls you, it demands of you to live your life in the most truest way.  If you think of someone like Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ that was a man with a stand.  There was no questioning it.  No running from it.  No hiding from it.  No ignoring it.  Who he was and what he was here on this earth for was loud and clear.

Do you have a stand?  Something that you are unafraid to shout out loud from the highest mountain.  Something that moves you, all the way to your bones.  If not, it’s time.  Time to take a stand.  Time to claim what you are on this earth to fulfill.

My stand is that all moms get to fully express their passions and live their dreams – full on, no settling, no waiting for someday.  That is what my life is for.  That is the life I am living.

So, what is your life for?

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