Are Your Dreams a Priority?

I know that you have dreams and I also know that those dreams are important to you.

But, are you giving those big, awesome dreams of your top billing in your life?

Do you make fulfilling them a priority?  Are you sure??

It’s reality check time.

Take 5 minutes to do this quick exercise:

  1. Look at the past week (or, if it’s been an out of the norm week, pick a recent “normal” week).
  2. Write down everything that you did.  How did you spend your time?   What things did you work on?   See if you can map it out with everything in it, including how much time you spent on each thing.
  3. Then look it over.  What are you spending your time working on?

My list - LOTS of time working! Which is my big dream right now.. yay!


This will reveal for you your priorities.

The stuff on your list are the things that are getting your attention.

How much of that attention is focused on your dreams?  Tell the honest to goodness truth here.  Are your dreams getting top billing?  Or are you squeezing in very little time (or no time!) to actually make your dreams come true?

If what you learned here was bad news, guess what?  It’s actually good news!  Why?  Because now you can do something about it.

If you start making your dreams a priority, this really cool thing happens – you’ll start to see those awesome dreams of yours come true!


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