Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

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I ask because I have not. :(

I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I have been running at 150 mph with no end in sight.  Go go going.  And not listening to little nudges that something is not quite right in my body.

And my ignoring that landed me in the ER a few nights ago.  The nudged just kept getting louder and a call to the nurse pushed me to head in to the hospital, where I spent the night.

And, I am fine.  We are not sure what is going on, something with my heart.  I have an appointment with a specialist and I am really confident that whatever is going on is going to get taken care of.

But, that may not have been the case.

Why?  Because I was ignoring some symptoms I was having.  I was pushing forward, telling myself it is nothing, not wanting to be a pain and not wanting to deal with something “bad.”

Which, I think was the main issue.  Ignoring what my body was telling me for fear of finding out some bad news.  Which is something I am so guilty of, it’s not even funny.

And, I suspect that some of you may do this.  Or maybe you just don’t take care of yourself because you are too tired taking care of everyone else or you don’t want to bother anyone, or whatever.

Well, that is not okay!  This is more of that mommy martyr syndrome.

But, guess, what?  We all need for you to take care of yourself.  Your kids need you to, your spouse needs you to, your family and friends need you to.  We are counting on you to be here, shining your light and gifting us with your awesomeness.  And you can’t do that if you don’t take care of you.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t necessarily mean going to the doctor.  Though if you are ignoring stuff in your body, then YES, that is what you need to do.

Taking care of yourself means getting enough sleep, eating well, enjoying “do nothing” time, getting a massage, going for a walk, being in nature, making art, etc.

You know what it’s like when you are really taking care of yourself.

I think that us moms put self care on the back burner.  We postpone it or tell ourselves it doesn’t matter.

But it does.  So, go make that dentist appointment, make yourself a big, yummy salad, go sit outside in the warm spring sunshine.  Take a moment today to do something that helps you feel good, gives you a peaceful state of mind and tells the world that this small moment of taking care of yourself is important.

This experience I had this past week really shifted something for me.  This morning I made appointments to get my teeth checked and to get my yearly exam.  Next weekend, I am going to go get my toes done, because taking care of myself matters.

And you taking care of YOU matters!    !!!!!!!! <— extra exclamation points

So please go do something.   At least one thing.  It may be that thing you are avoiding or just something that makes you feel good.  Either way, do it.  Stop putting self care on the back burner.  Let’s make a pact with each other to take care of ourselves.

I promise, do you?

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