Are You Having Fun?

It’s an honest question. And I’m wondering if you have an honest answer.

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If you were to look within and really, no kidding, tell the truth… are you having fun with your life?

Do you laugh often?
Are you giddy with excitement?
Do you get swept away by the moment because it is so freakin’ cool?
Are you filled up with possibilities?
Can you smell the amazing opportunities all around you?
Is your heart full of joy, because you are doing what you love?

If you find yourself answering no to some of this.. why not?

Do you spend your days doing things that don’t inspire you?
Are you angry and bitter, holding on to junk from the past?
Have you lost your passion and enthusiasm for those things that used to fill you up?
Are you tired and worn down, with little energy to really feel alive?
Do you talk to yourself about all the bad stuff or how rotten you are?

All of that, you have the power to make a difference with.

You are not stuck.
You are not trapped.
You can rest and take care of yourself.
You have the capacity to forgive – both yourself and those you used to only feel love for.
You can commit to living a life of passion.
And you can courageously go for it, find that thing that you love and build your whole life around it.

You can, so what are you waiting for?

The right time?
Enough money?
Feeling like you are ready?
Knowing what your passion is?
Support from your family?
Space to work?

What? What is holding you back?

I promise, whatever it is, it is only an excuse. It is not “The Truth” – if you want something bad enough, you will find a way, you will make it happen, you will dig in and find the courage.

The only thing holding you back is you.

So, today, what can you let go of?
What can you embrace?
What can you celebrate and get excited about?

Have some fun, mama! You deserve it!!

Do that thing you love.
Open your heart and cherish those around you.
Let go of all the self judgement and sabotage.
Tap into your passion, get inspired, don’t be fearful.

Life is beautiful. YOUR life is beautiful.

Have fun with it!

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