Are You Doing The Right Work?

Do you ever doubt yourself, wondering if you are doing the right stuff to make your dreams happen?

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As you set out to work on your goals, the question will ineveitably show up, “is this what I should be doing?”

More than anything, you want to succeed, you want your business plan to work, you want your creative endeavors to flourish, and you want your projects to win.

With a to do list a mile long, it is super easy to get overwhelmed and to doubt, doubt, doubt.

Here is how to tell if you are doing the “right” work:

1.  Do you have a plan that is well thought out and creates a clear path to where you are going?  If you need some help making a good,  potent plan, check out my Make A Plan Workshop.

2.  Have you looked at the specific tasks that you need to take in order to make your goals happen?

3.  Are those specific tasks in your calendar and are you using your calendar to plan out your work each day?

4.  Are your tasks moving things forward, or are they just busy work?  This is a big one!  We all can easily get sucked into time wasters (facebook) and trick ourselves into thinking that we are “doing work” but really, we are just spinning our wheels.

5.  Is the work you are doing fulfilling your vision, making happen the life you imagine?

6.  Are you filled up and nurtured by what you are working on?

7.  When you finish a task, are you left with a feeling of satisfaction?

8.  Is how you’re spending your time producing results?  Those results could be actual clients, new newsletter subscribers, or it could be learning something new or getting yourself organized.  Watch yourself with this one!  We can spend tons and tons of time “educating” ourselves – there is so much good information out there.  But if that’s all you’re spending your time on, if you don’t apply your learning and use it to make stuff happen, then you are not producing results.  Don’t fool yourself!

9.  Do you love what you are doing? Is your soul singing?

10.  Can you see your goals getting closer?  Does the finish line feel not so far away?  Can you see yourself finishing and achieving your goals?  This is a good sign that you are, in fact, doing the right work- when you question yourself less and less.

The real answer here is that you are doing the right work – your right work – if you are satisfied and fulfilled, if you feel like you are accomplishing things and making your dreams happen.

If you don’t feel like that, then guess what?  You probably aren’t doing the “right” work.  You’re likely spending your time doing “should” stuff or things you’ve agreed to that have nothing to do with your dreams and goals.

But, don’t stress if that’s the case.  It’s never too late to get started- to begin.  Use these 10 guidelines to check in with yourself, and get yourself back in the game of living your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

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