An Invitation to Share YOUR Truth

Starting next week, I am going to open the floor for you ~ yes YOU!  to share your truth here on Visionary Mom.

  • What do you dream about and wish for?
  • What do you believe?
  • What do you hold true ~ no matter what?

You can share with a video, a song, a poem, an essay, a photograph, a piece of art.  However YOU would give voice to your truth.

Why share your truth?

Because it matters.  Because YOU matter.  Because it feels good to get it out there – to celebrate it, nourish it, embrace it.

Share your truth!  You will love yourself more for it and your truth will become more real, more concrete, and definitely more true.

You can send me whatever is in your heart to share directly to my email:
lisa [at] visionarymom [dot] com.  Please include a short blurb that lets our readers know a little more about who you are, a photo of yourself and any links where people can find you.

For today, in one word ~ what is YOUR truth?

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