An Interview with Danielle LaPorte

Oh boy!  This week we get to hear from Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth.  If you do not know who this amazing woman is, you need to know her! Seriously.  I visit her blog every day for some of the most insightful, magical, kick butt inspiration.  I asked her if she would answer a few questions for us and when she said yes, I about fell out of my chair.  Read on.. you are in for a treat!

Hi Danielle.  Please, tell us about you, your family, your dreams, and your passions:

My son is 6, mystical, tender, mighty. He likes to snuggle, collect bugs, draw birds, and make fart jokes. When he was born I decided that I better really up my game, and I committed to living my life more artistically and boldly because of him. I thought, “If I’m going to teach this kid to live in integrity, I need to go after my passions with abandon.” My passion?: Evoking the truth. Broadcasting my love as far and wide as possible.

What is the best advice you have for us moms who also have big dreams?

  1. Balance is a myth. Fuhgetaboutit. Go for passion and proportion.
  2. Get an advisory board:  coaches, smart girlfriends, a spiritual counselor, astrologer…whoever it takes to keep you thinking higher and deeper and staying true to your ambitions.
  3. Starting is way more fun than not starting, Just start.

What does a super productive, fully living your dreams + taking care of your family day look like?

Walk three blocks to school. Race home with the dog. Write. Write. Write. Tweet. Strategize. Stress about what to cook. Decide it’s a good night for pizza. Squeeze in another chapter or jam with one more client. If the man is home, I keep writing. (see a pattern here?) or I race to the monkey’s school. Home + kid time = lot’s of drawing, kitchen disco and cuddling to movies. After bedtime, it’s like starting another day. And I…yep…write some more.

All of this is interspersed with beaches, parks, and impromtu getaways. And bubble baths.

What is the hardest thing you deal with about being a mom and being someone who is living life is such a powerful way?

It just occurred to me when I read this question that I’m not the only one in the house living in a powerful way! The Monkey Boy is a force of nature and he finds ways to get his needs met even if I’m distracted.

My kid watches more movies than I thought I would allow for. “Mama needs to get my book to the graphic designer, so how about some Monster’s Inc.?” But, all in all, I think my son is a great match for me, and I for him. He gets his wonder, esoteric, fantasy quotient filled. We have lots of little adventures. My time is packed, but it’s all mine and that means I have the freedom for surprise escapes and meandering. And those moments make all the difference.

Any thoughts you can share about the importance of us moms going after our dreams?

Mothers are amazing, aren’t we? Even if you think you’re sucking at the motherhood thing–you’re probably pretty amazing. Advice? Be full. Let the dishes pile up. Socks don’t need to match. Listen to your heart and then you’ll be able to listen to your child. Share your dreams with your kid. They need to hear us dreaming and feeling our way into our own potential. They need to know that we’re Goddesses and mavericks and works in progress. Just like they know we are.

WOW!!  These words are gold.  Pure, amazing truth.  Thank you so much Danielle for sharing a little glimpse into your life and how it is you make your magic happen.

Danielle LaPorte is the creator of, which has been called “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality.” An inspirational speaker and business strategist, and former think tank exec, Danielle’s new digital book, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS helps entrepreneurs rock their career with integrity, audacity and their truest strengths.

You can find her on Twitter @daniellelaporte

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