An Easy Way To Make Yourself Happy

I know it seems obvious, but doing what you love really does make you happy.

Think about your days. Are you spending time doing the things that feed your soul, that make you smile, that leave your heart fulfilled?

Ever notice that when you are doing what you love, even the bad stuff isn’t so bad?  That’s because all we want in life is to spend our time doing what we love.

What do you love to do?

How do you spend your time?  Are your days filled with the things you love, or with chores and junk that has to get done, but really isn’t the fun stuff?

What percentage of your time is spent nourishing your heart with activities that you love doing?

And what about that stuff that we don’t love doing so much?  Like laundry or paying the bills or cleaning the paint brushes?

Loving or not loving those things is all a matter of perspective.

As you clean up your home, are you thinking about how annoying it is that no one ever! seems to be able to pick up after themselves? Or are you thinking about how much you love your space and what a joy it it to make it feel comfortable for everyone?

Sounds cheesy, huh? Like positive thinking or something. But it works. Really.

Lets talk about cleaning the house some more. Because that is one thing I don’t particularly love. I never, ever wake up in the morning going, hey, you know what I really want to do today? I want to clean my house!! Nope, never.

But it has to be done. Some days, I will take the time to create an inspiring why for cleaning the house. I want to feel happy and peaceful in my home. I want my kids to feel taken care of. I want our little RV to feel open and warm and nurturing. When my why for cleaning is something that matters to me (creating a great space for my kids to play and learn) then cleaning is not such a chore. It can even be fun. Yes, I just said that.  :) I feel like I am making some magic happen while I sweep away our troubles and organize our drawers.

Then, cleaning the house becomes something that I love.

And that makes me feel happy.

Then this cool thing happens. I have more time to do the other things that I want to do. I am not spending my day resisting and putting off and avoiding what needs to happen.  (come back by here tomorrow for more on resistance)

The chores get done and I have time to do the other things I really love to do.

And the more time I spend doing that stuff, the happier I am.  Because, doing what I love makes me happy.

But, first, we have to take care of the other stuff.  And turning that stuff into fun stuff makes the whole day a good one.

So, what are you avoiding that you could look at from a new perspective, one that has the task at hand seem fun?

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