About Lisa

I believe in dreams. And laughter. And love.

In magical possibilities. And being nice.

And the truth. And the courage it takes to tell our own truths.

And, more than anything, I believe in having fun and loving the shit out life!

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I think it’s criminal to stop chasing your dreams just because you’re a mom. In fact, I think being a mom is all the more reason why you SHOULD go after your dreams.

Our kids – yours and mine – want to see us happy, fulfilled, passionate and madly in love with life.

Imagine what we can teach our kids by living our lives in a big, BOLD way? No really, stop and imagine that. Awesome, huh?

So, what stops you?

What has you say, I can’t? Or “later” or this is too crazy, too big, or too dang scary?

Whatever it is that has you not going for it, not absolutely in love with your life, not living the life of your dreams….

I am here to bust that crazy talk up.

I believe in going for it. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can do this.

YOU can make any freakin’, awesome, crazy, big, bold, daring idea happen.

YOU can create a business and a life that you absolutely love!

You can be anything, do anything, and live any way that inspires the heck out of you!!!

So that is what I’m here to do and what I’m all about: helping as many moms as possible to rock their lives, make some really cool shit happen, and become the women they dream of being.

It’s nice to meet you. :)

I am now working with clients + blogging at:  LisaWork.com