A Quick Guide to Getting Some AWESOME Happening…


Principals of Being a Visionary Mom:

1. You DREAM BIG and you share those dreams with others.

2. You’ve got GUMPTION – you take bold action and courageously go for it.

3. You know that chasing your dreams is a gift to your kiddos, so you don’t let being a mom stop you from living an extraordinary life NOW.

4. You’re committed to making a difference and having the work you do and the life you live CONTRIBUTE to others.

5. You believe in art, beauty, love, forgiveness, kindness, courage and all the other juicy stuff that makes life worth LIVING.

6. You are not interested in being perfect, you’re only interested in being YOU – fully expressed and fully ALIVE!

7. You know that what you have to say MATTERS, so you speak and live OUT LOUD!


Here’s how to get some serious AWESOME happening in your world….

Pick one of these for today and let it shape the day, move you forward and empower you to BE A VISIONARY MAMA!

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