A Peek Into The Visionary Mom Teams

I have not said a whole lot here about the Visionary Mom Teams, other than the link on my sidebar that looks like this:

But, now I want to share a bit about the teams, because, well, it is really blowing my mind!!  Our first team is off and running for just the past week and we already have had awesome conversations about our families, staying motivated, sex, finding focus, the big, secret dreams and so much more.  It is phenomenal!

I created this opportunity because I think that when you bring a small group of people together, all focused on making something extraordinary happen, a whole heck of a lot more can happen than if those same people were working on the same goals all by their lonesome.

Teams = Power.

Not the forcing stuff to happen kind of power, but the wind beneath our wings kind of power.  The kind of power where when you want to accomplish something, you are empowered to really go for it, to make it real and there is not a ton of effort.  Things move with velocity and certainty and a fluidity that makes life feel magical.

Working hard on our own can be a real bummer.  Yes, there are those sizzle moments when the flood gates of creativity open and we are crazy inspired.  But, then there are those other times when we have something that really truly matters to us and we SO want it to happen, but we get stopped or frustrated or overwhelmed or something. Something that sucks the air out from our lungs.  That is when having a support system that you can go to, that will nurture you, feed you with good things, and push you back out there to keep on trying ~ having that kind of support makes a HUGE difference.

Enter the Visionary Mom Teams.

Here you will find yourself surrounded by the power of sisterhood.  The support of like minded souls.  The motivation of others pushing you to be your best self, to accomplish all that you dream about.   Here you will find a big resounding YES! to all that your pretty little heart can possibly imagine, a group of woman who do not think you are crazy and that totally think you can and WILL absolutely accomplish your dreams.

And, what is better than that?

Here are some great, amazing quotes from the Team Forum just in the first week of us getting started:

I truly feel like I’ve been emerging gracefully (usually) up, up, up through some recent dark waters and have just crested the surface into the bright light of the sun! I always knew the sun was up there, and I never lost sight of it, but it’s been awhile since I’ve truly basked in it’s warmth and truth.

I tend to have a major case of creative ADD. I go full force in one direction. And then another. And then another. But I rarely see projects all the way through to the point of earning income to support our family.

As soon as I admitted to myself what I already knew, I felt really excited to get started.

I feel like a kid before Christmas, the mounting anticipation of the next four months growing and infiltrating the mood around me. It doesn’t matter if some people don’t celebrate the holiday with me; it’s still infectious. You can’t help but feel excitement.

So I just got home about 20 minutes ago from running a couple of errands. I came in the door and dh started telling me about his day. All of a sudden he stopped, looked at me quizzically and said, “Where have you been? You’re glowing!”

I’ve heard that people are more afraid of success than they are of failure. I think that there’s a lot of truth to that.

Kind of crazy awesome, huh?  Already, there is a such an intimacy, a trust, a willingness to lay it out there and make life way more amazing.  There is an authenticity to this team that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that we are all here for each other, no matter what life throws our way.

I, personally, feel like I have found something that I have been looking for.  A way to make a difference in that deep, permanent, forever changing the course of life kind of way.  I feel like this path is the right one and the work we are doing here is important and matters and makes my heart sing.  :)

And, here’s the deal.. I want to start a new team each month.  And I am inviting YOU to become a part of this.  Why? Because you are amazing and you deserve it and working together makes a difference. It makes a huge difference. Only one week in and things are starting to happen.  Clarity.  Focus.  Motivation.  It’s here and it’s real for everyone on the team. And, it can be real for YOU!

Yup, this is a sales pitch.  Yup, I want you to become be a part of this.  Yup to all that.  But even more, I want YOU to have all the support you need to really, truly fulfill your dreams.  I want you to be completely free to share your truth.  And,  I want to witness you living your scrumptious life full of passion and enthusiasm.  I want that and I know that being on a Visionary Mom Team will make that happen for you.  It will.

Details and all that good stuff can be found right here. I will see you tomorrow sometime with another amazing celebration of truth from one of the Visionary Mom Team members..  See you then!  xo~Lisa

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