A little help (pretty please)

Hello  to all you Visionary Moms ~

I am starting to get used to the new rhythm of my life, being in school and still doing all the other stuff I do as a mom.  I am loving school!  Loving it so much!

To update you a bit ~

I used to think that I couldn’t draw.  That I was in fact really, really bad at it.  Whenever my son asked me to draw stuff, I would avoid it whenever he’d let me off the hook.  BUT, I have always wanted to draw.  I have. I have even purchased many books with the intention of teaching myself, only to have those books gather dust.  Getting started has just been so terrifying. (and I was pretty convinced that I couldn’t really learn anyway.)

But, the program I am in requires me to take drawing classes and I am taking my first EVER drawing class right now.  I am loving it!  And, I don’t suck – at all!  In fact, my teacher said of one of my drawings that it was excellent.  How about that?!    This is a super big deal for me, shattering something I held true for myself.  SHATTERING!

Is there something you hold true about yourself that it’s time to shatter?

I am loving that I set myself on this path to become a real, working artist, to explore my creativity, to go for it! It is so exciting to be discovering this whole new aspect of myself.  The Artist Me.  And I have to say that I am loving her.  :)

Anyway, this is where I could use a little help from YOU…

I am finding that I just can’t get over here to post write quite as much as I would like to, and I really do want to keep things moving over here because this space is my baby and I am so passionate about us moms living our dreams.  BUT, I am just not going to be able to post <reliably> very often.    I want to work my butt off in school and spend some good chunks of time supporting the amazing moms on the Visionary Mom Teams, which leaves me with less time to write for all of you.

So, what I am thinking is that I will for sure post new articles, interviews, etc at least twice per week.  That is what you all can count on from me and expect.

What I could use some help with is knowing what kind of stuff you most want me to write about.

Question mark in Esbjerg

What would help YOU along your path and make the biggest difference for you?

What kinds of things do you most love here at Visionary Mom?  What do you look forward to or wish you could read more of?  You letting me know this will help me so much and will make sure that the time I spend here is making the biggest impact FOR YOU!

So, what TWO things would you most like to see each and every week?

And, like I said, 2 times per week, will be my minimum.  I will post more as I can carve out the time or as I get inspired about something.  Sound like a plan?

Thank you all SO MUCH!!  I have been getting some great little notes from people lately, which totally makes my day.  The women who visit this website are AMAZING and it is a real joy for me to get to know you all better.  I mean that.  My heart is a smilin’ ~ you are all so great and knowing you makes me happy.


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