8 Reasons Why Working For Yourself ROCKS!


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Do you dream about working for yourself?

I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy.   It does take hard work and commitment and pushing through the fear and the doubt.  And, there can be alot of fear and doubt!

But, there is something so juicy and yummy about being your own boss.

Here are my favorite reasons why it’s so worth taking the plunge….


1.   I get to be home with my kids when they’re home. I am right here – listening to them play, learn and grow.  I get to be part of it.  Yes, they can interrupt and sometimes I don’t get all the stuff done that I want to, but the tradeoff for that is we get to be together, which is really important to me.

2.  I can work when I want to work. Sometimes I get up early and get rockin’ ~ sometimes I stay up late and work under the light of the moon.  That kind of flexibility makes doing things (like taking art classes at my community college) workable.

3.  I get to work on what inspires me! I am someone that doesn’t like to spend my time doing junk that doesn’t matter.   Because I work for myself, I get to pick what projects I work on and what type of work I want to do.  If something has lost it’s spark, I’m not stuck with it.   I’m constantly exploring new ideas, and what’s even better, I get to execute and make those ideas happen!

4.  How successful I am is entirely up to me. This can be terrifying, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling.  I know that the big wins are mine.  I can also own and take responsibility for the stuff that’s not working.  This gives me great sense of power and accomplishment – and pride!

5.  I get to seek out the people that I want to work with. I love that I have so much in common with the moms I work with.  Often it feels like I’m just hanging out with good friends and that makes work not feel like work!

6.  My kids get to see my dreams unfolding. They watch me work and know that dreams don’t just fall off trees – you have to work hard to make them happen.  But, when you do, you get to live life on your own terms, a life that is deeply rewarding and FUN!   As a mom, it’s important to me that I teach my kids these life lessons.  I love knowing that I am.

7.  I can work wherever I want. Outside, at the coffee shop, on the couch, in the mountains, at the beach!   My office moves with me and even though I’ve not (yet!) fully experienced this awesome perk, I LOVE knowing that it’s there and that I can take advantage whenever I want!

8.  Making a difference is one of my core values, it’s part of my big vision for life.  My business is an expression of that.  Because I’ve designed it that way. One of the biggest perks to working for yourself is that your business can be part of your big vision and you can go to sleep every night knowing that what you do matters and is 100% aligned with who you are and what your life is about.


So what about you…..  why do you work for yourself, or why do you dream about it?



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