68 Juicy Possibilities To Live Your Life From

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You can create any intention for your life.. ANY!

Here are some that you might want to steal and use to empower yourself to live the most awesome life you possibly can.. say each one out loud, starting with, “My Intention Is To….”   See which ones resonate and speak to the life you want to live.

“My Intention is to……”

Experience My Power

Radiate Joy

Tap Into Passion

Express My Deliciousness

Create Like A Mad Woman

Love With All My Heart

Speak The Truth

Love My Body

Listen for Magic

Dance and Sing

Be Poetic

Celebrate Womanhood

Rejoice in Motherhood

Be Loud and Proud

Live Wildly Courageous

Empower Everyone Around Me

Know Myself

Celebrate Life

Radiate My Essence

Take Radical Action

Try New Things

Be Ferocious

Ignite Passion

Live Deliberately

Embody Love

Share Intimately

Celebrate My Genius

Rock the Boat

Dazzle and Inspire

Seek Beauty

Forgive and Forget


Surrender to Joy

Be Gorgeous

Cultivate Community

Cherish My Loves

Expand My Boundaries

Be a Magnet for Awesomeness

Experience the Exquisite

Beat My Own Drum

Feel Blessed

Revel in the Day to Day Living

Express My Hotness

Salute the Unexpected

Take Chances

Love the Unknown

Be Surprised

Live with Grace

Practice Kindness

Honor Spirit

Act Silly

Rejoice in My Own Spark


Cultivate Fabulous Ideas

Let Love In

Live Simply

Unleash My Creativity

Be Bold

Welcome Miracles

Embrace Abundance

Be Soulful

Live Fulfilled

Experience Wonder

Welcome Stillness



Open My Eyes

Celebrate the Small Things

I could go on and on and on… there is SO much possible out there in the world.  So many things to experience and and so many wonderful ways to be.

So, what is your intention?

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