5 Ways to Tap Into Your Creative Mojo

You, my friend, are a creative woman.

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You are.  Whether you believe it or not.   To be creative does not mean that you make ART, or are always doodling cute little things on whatever you can get your hands on.

Creativity is a state of BEING.

It’s a way to live, a place to think from and something you feel.

You seriously can be sorting laundry and have that be a creative act.

Don’t believe me?

Remember when you were pregnant with your first little one and it was time to get all their tiny little clothes ready?

You lovingly washed everything, folded and put it all away.  And I would bet money that in that moment, you were being creative!  You were present to the growing life in your belly, imagining how he/she was going to be.  You were full of love and super eager for the big day to arrive!  You had no idea what this little dude was going to look like, or what kind of mischief they would be up to at the bold age of six.   But you held up those itty-bitty baby clothes and you imagined!

Those moments are ooolaalaa magical!   When we are in that creative element, when the juices are flowing and we feel ALIVE, knowing that our lives have meaning and purpose, it feels amazing!   And,  we get to be amazing!  Creativity is sexy and powerful and, I swear, it makes us look and feel younger!

Here are five easy ways to tap into your magical, yummy creative force:

1.  Start the day with a few moments of quiet.  Sip your coffee or your tea, sit down and just be.  Let the goof balls run around being wackos and include that in this one small, still moment.  Savor this moment in your life and everything that is happening.  Forget the to-do list, the dishes can wait, just be.

2.    Make stuff.  Doesn’t matter what it is, but try to consciously make something every day.    It could be a drawing,  a fun snack for the kids, a family portrait, or even the bed!  But allow yourself to experience the fact that YOU are MAKING something!   Put your own fun little creative spin on things.  Play!  Affirm all the little things you get to make every single day.

3.  Day dream.  Imagine your life with you totally FREE, living exactly how you want to live, doing all the things you want to be doing.  Feel it, experience it.  Tap into what it is you really want for your life.  Don’t be afraid of it!  This is your daydream, you can have anything you want!!

4.  Talk to people who get it. People that understand about dreams and totally get what you wish for in your life.  Stop trying to convince the naysayers.  Right now, they don’t get it.   Hopefully, someday they will.  But, until they do, find and create a little tribe of people that get it.  Forge inspiring relationships with these folks, knowing that you have full on permission to create a really kick butt life and they will cheer you on every step of the way!

5.  Just do it!  Stop waiting for the inspiration to strike and just get started.  I know, for me, I like to put things off, waiting until I feel motivated.  And then that quickly turns into agonizing over how badly I need to do whatever it is.  And then, I remember, “oh, yeah, I just have to START!”   When I do,  I usually get inspired and into it and it’s fun!   Why?  Because I’m doing something I love, instead of thinking about it.

And that is really the biggest thing about tapping into our creativity.  It ain’t going to happen sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have a blast playing the game.  You have to stand up and walk out onto the field.  Only out there is the magic going to happen.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you!

How do you tap into that creative energy?  How is it when you do?  Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Please leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

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