3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Website and Make It Feel Like Home

As I was writing yesterday’s post about how I found my business mojo again, I kept wanting to go off on a tangent about the difference that REALLY loving your online home makes in how much you love your business.

So I decided to devote an entire post to it, because I think it’s so important.

These days, you do need a website if you’re going to run a business. It doesn’t matter if your business is a “local” business that markets and works with customers face to face. People want to look you up. They want to know a little  about you before they decide if they want to do business with you.

If YOU don’t love your website, chances are the kind of customers that you most want to work with aren’t going to love it either.

And this other thing happens when you don’t love your online space: you won’t want to hang out there. It will get outdated, stagnant and won’t accurately express who you are and what your business is all about.

That, for sure, happened to me here at Visionary Mom. I wasn’t PROUD and excited about what I’m doing here, which sent me down a vicious cycle of not focusing on my business, things slowing down and me not wanting to work on building things up again.

You know how it is when you put an outfit on that you’ve had for a long time that doesn’t really fit you that great, is sort of worn out, and makes you feel dowdy? You know how it makes you feel tired and frumpy and just ugh?

Well, having a website that is “worn out” will drag you down in a very similar way.

And the same way that a super sassy outfit can make you feel sexy, happy and BOLD, a website spruce up can wake up your business sassy and inspire you to share your vision with the world.

I can so vouch for this from my own experience. I love my new online home. I want to invite people over and have them hang out with me here. It makes me excited to be in business again!!

So what can YOU do to fall in love with your online home?

Here are 3 Things To Get You Started….

1.  Clean House: 

Clutter will steal your thunder faster than pretty much anything. It will weigh you down and make your website feel muddy.

Take an hour or so to tidy things up. If you have outdated offerings, get rid of them. Loose some of the junk on your side bar. Simplify your navigation. Eliminate some of the bells and whistles that don’t really do anything except add noise.

Simple is ALWAYS better. Working in a clean and tidy space will give you energy and make room for new stuff to happen.

2.  Splatter Your VISION Everywhere:

Is what you stand for and what you believe in loud and clear with every aspect of your website?  Would someone who visits know exactly what it is you do, how you can help them and why YOU would be the best person for the job?

Take a look at your site and think about ideal client.  Would they feel at home and get an immediate feeling that you are speaking their language and that you could really help them with whatever it is that they need – whether that’s the perfect piece of jewelry for an upcoming wedding, advice for how to grow their business, or a massage therapist that can fix a chronic ailment.

If you discover that your vision is not very clear or is not loud enough, then start working to bring your voice into your website.  I think many of us get stuck trying to do things that we see other people doing instead of doing what WE would do.

3.  Add Images, But Not Too Many

Splashes of color can really make your website pop, especially if they are images that you love, that communicate your vibe and passion and vision of your business.  Think of it like hanging art on the walls of your home.  If you just threw up any old picture to fill the space you wouldn’t really love walking into that room.  But if you hung a piece of art that totally made your soul sing you would want to hang out in that room lots.

Same thing with your website, if you love the imagery that you put out there, you will love your online space so much more and want to hang out there more often and invite people to visit.

Just don’t add too much!  Remember that simple is always better.


There are, obviously, a ton of things you can do to spruce up your website, but these 3 tips should help you get started.  The best advice I can give you is to be true to yourself and your vision, have that be what drives the look, feel and content of your website.  Share your voice and your passion as loudly as possible and you can’t go wrong. 

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