13 Qualities of a Visionary Mom

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1. You laugh a lot. You know that joy heals, is contagious and can turn a crummy day into one that’s worth remembering.

2. You plan for the future and learn from the past, all while paying attention to the present. Not only that, you breathe it in, savor it and appreciate the miracle of what is happening in your life right now, in this moment.

3. You listen to your heart and speak your truth, even when it’s scary or feels alarmingly vulnerable.

4. You know when to push yourself and how to dig in, but you also know when to stop and slow down when that’s what you need.

5. You embrace life’s ups and downs. The highs and the lows, knowing that you would not be who you are today without all of the experiences you’ve had.

6. You know that what you do with your life and even more importantly, how you live matters. It makes a difference in big and small ways.

7. You celebrate and use your strengths. You know what you are good at and aren’t afraid to use those skills to make things happen.

8. At the same time, you aren’t perfect and you know that. You are not embarrassed by your flaws and shortcomings. In fact, you embrace them, knowing that your imperfections are what make you you.

9. You openly and enthusiastically share your heart, your love and your passions. The people around you, especially your kids, know that they are loved.

10. You take actions. Bold, courageous action that has you fulfill your dreams. You don’t just talk the talk – you walk the walk right – toward whatever it is that inspires you.

11. You love your children so much and cherish your life as a mother, but you don’t use that as an excuse to neglect your dreams and needs. You put your own mask on first.

12. You know how awesome you are. You aren’t shy about sharing your ideas and dreams. You know that living a full, expressed, extraordinary life matters, so you work toward that. Your unique brilliance shines through in everything you do.

13. You know that all of this is a journey, a way to live, not somewhere to get to. So you have compassion for yourself when you “fail” but you also know that you haven’t really failed. You are living. You are alive and that’s the whole point. When you get off your path, you bring yourself back. When you move forward with speed and grace, you celebrate that. You love the journey you are on.

In what ways are YOU a Visionary Mom?


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