10 Ways To Squeeze More Out Of Your Day

You are one busy mama.  Working hard to be an amazing mom AND trying to make your big dreams happen?

Not an easy task.

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Not to mention the day to day, regular ol’ stuff that you can’t neglect… yeah, THAT stuff!

What is a creative, passionate mama like yourself to do?

Here are a few easy, peasy things that will help you get more done in any given day:

1.  Get up earlier.  I’m not talking 4am early unless that totally works for you.  But an extra hour goes a LONG way.

2.  Turn off the TV, the computer and anything else that steals your precious time.

3.  Tackle the not so fun stuff first ~ get that junk off your todo list so the rest of your day can be FUN!

4. Keep things simple.  Don’t over-complicate things and make them harder than they really are.

5.  Focus on one thing at a time and stick with tasks until they are DONE!  Sprinkling your energy here and there and all over the place is just spinning your wheels.  Focus on completing things!

6.  If you’re having a motivation or energy slump- pick short, easy tasks to get get done super quick.  Finishing things gives you energy. Try it and see for yourself.

7.  Get enough sleep.  This is BIG!  When you’re tired, you work ..s…l…o…w.  Having enough rest means you’ll have energy the next day.

8.  Say no to stuff that’s not going to further you living the life of your dreams (I talk more about this in the Visionary Mom Toolkit -it’s a key factor is getting stuff done).

9.  Take a break to connect and just be in the moment.  This will make you happier, calmer and grounded, which will make getting back to work more productive.

10.  Ask for help.  Ask for 2 hours without the kids, ask for someone else to do something you don’t want to do, ask to be left alone, ask someone to help you get something done.  Ask for the help you need to get your good stuff done.
Really, the name of the game to accomplish all your precious dreams is to just do it, but these simple tricks will help you do that.  Dreaming big is awesome, but making those dreams actually happen?  That’s glorious.



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