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xo, Lisa

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Listen.  I want to tell you something about you and your business and you might not like what I have to say.

You are making things way too damn hard!

I know that there are a million and one “how to” business things out there that you might be tempted to buy, or may have already purchased.

A lot of them are really good.  They are. They streamline things and simplify all there is to do.  They tell you the exact formula for how to get things moving.

Following any of the advice out there will very likely work to help you grow your business and make more money.

The problem, however, is you.

You don’t implement the ideas you learn about.

You don’t take the PROVEN actions to make things happen.

You procrastinate and get overwhelmed and beat yourself up.

You don’t take action.   Pure and simple.

Growing your business and making money is actually pretty easy:

   –>  Take your idea/product/service and share it with the world in an effective way.

You can take that a step further: communicate how you can help someone else to accomplish a goal, feel better, look smokin’ hot, etc.  and communicate your awesome product/service to the right people – your ideal customers, who are DYING for what you have to offer.

AND, share what makes you and your business freakin’ aweseome in a big, bold way.

Don’t hold back, be proud and let the world know what you have to offer.

It’s simple, really.  Isn’t it?

The problem is that you get stopped.

You’re scared to talk to people, or approach someone who could help spread the word.

You get slowed down with worry, feeling like you just aren’t ready, like you need to learnone more thing.

Or you are so dang busy and overwhelmed, unclear about what you should focus your energy on, so you don’t take ANY action.

I think that you know EXACTLY what you should be doing to grow your business, you’re just scared or worried, or feeling unsure.  So, you don’t.

But, let me ask you this, what is it you REALLY want for your business?  

Are you willing and ready to get on the court and start producing RESULTS?

It’s time for you to GROW your freakin’ business already and to make the kind of money you deserve!

Don’t you think so?  It’s TIME!

Here is the biggest component to make your business dreams happen:

ACTION. Pure and simple.

You have to hussle and DO THE WORK to grow your business.

I know that it’s not always easy to do that.  Life if busy, being a mom is sometimes hard, you doubt yourself and your business ideas, and you get scared to really put yourself out there.   “What will people think if you REALLY went for it??  What if you fail?”

That’s why I created the Visionary Mom Business Jam Sessions.   It’s a KICK ASS program to MOTIVATE you to completely transform your business.

The program will push you to EXECUTE your ideas and get the work done to build the business of your dreams. 

We are getting started on Tuesday and you should totally be on the team!

Why?  In a nutshell, this is THE structure and support system that’s been missing for you to take your business to the next level.

The long version is this:

On the team, you will start with a one-on-one strategy session with me to formulate a plan for your business.

Then, every week, you will get supported to execute your plan. 

We have a few ways to do that:  our private facebook group – connecting you with other mom entrepreneurs, a weekly checkin/assessment tool, twice monthly group coaching calls with me, accountability contests, etc.

This is a group coaching program, a mastermind group, an accountability structure, and a place to find inspiration and motivativation all rolled into one.

You will learn and grow in BIG ways, because you won’t be trying to succeed at this business thing all on your own.

And that is HUGE!!   Working on our own and expecting to grow is just insane!  It can’t be done.  If you look at successful people all over the world, I promise you – they aren’t doing it alone.

If you are serious about PRODUCING RESULTS in your business, then you should totally join us!!  I promise you’ll be shocked by what you accomplish.

Working with a team is powerful. 

Enough said.

Ready to take the leap?   Click here to apply.

The team is just $49 per month and we get started October 1st.

Let’s do this!

The real reason why you aren’t making money with your business is because you aren’t doing the work.  You aren’t taking action.  Let’s remedy that, shall we?

Ready to stop TALKING about what you want to do and start DOING the work?  Please join us, we’re going to have a blast!

I’m sitting here in the library, working on stuff.  The past couple of weeks have been SUPER hot in Colorado, but today…  today it’s rainy and overcast.  A little cool, but not cold.

Fall is knocking and I am loving it!

Both me and my kiddos are back in school, they happily enjoying Kindergarten and 3rd grade and me beginning the next leg of my back to school adventure, hanging out everyday at the university with a bunch of youngin’s, who make me feel old.  :)  But, I’m loving it.. already working on some great art projects that have me really excited.

This time of year always makes me want to dig in, look inward and start thinking about the future.  What do I want to create?  What do I want to learn?  What’s next for me, my business and my life?

Not sure why that is.. maybe the idea of prepping for the winter.. but I always want to buckle down and work a little harder when the heat starts to fade and the evenings get a little crisp.  Does that happen to you?

So, I have a question for you, at this time of year:

What are you working on next?

What do you want to start, what do you want to learn, what do you want to accomplish and experience?

Do you know?  I think it’s good to stop and reflect on that..  make some plans, get your mind around whatever it is you want to accomplish.

The next question would then be..  

How are you going to accomplish your goals?

What are you going to do that’s different, that’s going to make an impact, that’s going to push you to get in action – and STAY in action?

Just wishing for things isn’t enough.  You have to look at HOW you’re going to accomplish your goals.

I recommend sitting down and planning some stuff out.  Look to see what you need to do – what actions there are to take.. AND look at what will keep you on track and what will help you GROW, so you can make your big ideas happen.

If you have business goals brewing, I’d like to share with you a couple of ways that I can help you to accomplish your business dreams.

AND, to celebrate the coming of fall..  I have specials running on all my offerings, to give you a little extra incentive to get going and make some  big stuff happen!    (sale ends on Sept 22)

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

If you already have your business going:

Want to GROW and EXPAND your business (and make more money)?  The VM Business Jam Sessions is a BAD ASS group mentorship program, geared toward moms (so it’s easy to participate in) but is designed to propel you into ACTION.. big time.   Get ideas, coaching, support, advice and accountability so you can THRIVE as a business owner.  Your investment?  Just $98 for 3 months.  Find out more. 

If you want to START a business:

Whatever that business idea may be, the Visionary Mom Business Kickstart is kicking off mid-October.  It’s a 6 months program that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your business started, how to use the internet to leverage your time, how to market, website stuff..  everything!  And we talk about how to do it all on a mom schedule!  You can save $97 by registering early.  Space is limited.

If you want to start a business but aren’t sure WHAT to do:

I can help you clarify your ideas/passions/dreams to come up with a business that will inspire you, make a difference AND make you money.  Save $100 on this in depth consultation, which will give you clarity about what you can do now to start a business that you love.  Learn more.

Need help with your website?

I’ve been doing a ton of web design projects lately and have decided to raise my rates, which will go into effect on Sept 22.  So, that means that you can still squeeze in working with me before then!    Applies to all projects initiated by the start of fall.  Get started here.

I can also take a peek at your website and give you feedback and ideas for how to make your online space work harder for your business.  Website reviews are just $39 during the back to school for mom sale.  :)


I hope I can be of service to you and your business dreams.  :)

Remember that big things happen to those that:

  • are clear about what they want to achieve
  • have a game plan for all there is to do
  • take action
  • get support, grow and learn
  • don’t stop or give up
Go make something juicy happen!  The world is waiting for YOU to share your gifts.  :)



Principals of Being a Visionary Mom:

1. You DREAM BIG and you share those dreams with others.

2. You’ve got GUMPTION – you take bold action and courageously go for it.

3. You know that chasing your dreams is a gift to your kiddos, so you don’t let being a mom stop you from living an extraordinary life NOW.

4. You’re committed to making a difference and having the work you do and the life you live CONTRIBUTE to others.

5. You believe in art, beauty, love, forgiveness, kindness, courage and all the other juicy stuff that makes life worth LIVING.

6. You are not interested in being perfect, you’re only interested in being YOU – fully expressed and fully ALIVE!

7. You know that what you have to say MATTERS, so you speak and live OUT LOUD!


Here’s how to get some serious AWESOME happening in your world….

Pick one of these for today and let it shape the day, move you forward and empower you to BE A VISIONARY MAMA!

These are some of the wisest words I’ve heard in a long time.

Yes, we all are afraid – sometimes completely TERRIFIED.

Fear is part of life, it let’s you know you are ALIVE.

It reminds you to keep FIGHTING.

If there is something you want to do.. you just have to do it.

Don’t let the fear stop you.

Make your dreams happen.


Do it now.

xo, Lisa

One of the great perks of working for yourself is that you get to set your own hours, work at your own pace, and spend as much or as little time as you want on your business.

But, if you’re anything like me, when and how you work is all over the place.

This is what’s been happening with me lately: 

I have SO MANY projects and things I want to do, there is stuff I’m working on to grow my business and there is the day to day working with clients and just keeping things afloat.

I’m busy (and sometimes overwhelmed).

That leads me to trying to work ALL THE TIME and feeling GUILTY if I’m not working.

Which is a terrible cycle to be in.

When I’m hanging out with my kids, making art, or spending time with friends, it’s been REALLY hard to just enjoy it.   I feel like I “should” be doing something with my business instead.  (ever feel like that?)

Which brings me to a HUGE a-ha! moment I recently had.

You will probably laugh at me, because it will seem so OBVIOUS, but these lessons sometimes hide away until we’re ready for them.

Oh!  I forgot to say… something else I’ve been struggling with is feeling really JEALOUS of other people and how they spend their weekend time.

With summertime here, I see people sharing family vacations, BBQ parties, time spent up in the mountains, etc.  Awesome weekending photos are all over facebook and instagram right now.

And it’s been making me feel jealous.  Because traditional weekending is not my life. 

My kids are with their dad every weekend.  Saturday and Sunday are my time to buckle down and WORK and I usually have a gazillion projects waiting for me to complete while I have a break from the kiddos.

But then I see all my friends living these amazing weekend lives and I feel envious that I am sitting in a coffee shop working my ass off.    (insert feeling sorry for myself music)

That jealousy has actually been making me feel kind of depressed and unmotivated to work on stuff and be creative.  It’s been difficult to completely focus on my business.

(please tell me I’m not the only one who looses my mojo when I feel jealous and like my life is not going to plan!)

Anyhow, this is what led to my a-HA! moment…

I finally realized that I was feeling this way, completely out of sorts.   My way of dealing with the icky stuff of my life is to dig into it and get curious about it.

So I asked myself why I was feeling jealous?  What was it that I wanted?  What wasn’t working for me?

The answer was that I wanted time to just do NOTHING.  Time with my kids lounging about in the backyard, heading up to the mountains, just relaxing and enjoying life.  Summering.

And I hadn’t been letting myself do that.

I was so worried about all the work I needed to get done, that even when I wasn’t working on stuff, I was THINKING about it and feeling GUILTY.

Not a very powerful headspace to run my business from!

But that’s when I realized that HEY!  This is MY business and I can do things however I want to do them.    (doh!, right?)

But seriously.. sometimes I get stuck in thinking things have to be the way they are in the “real” world..  You know, with “weekends” being on Saturday and Sunday, work only during the day, etc.

That 40 hour work week mentality is hard to shake off sometimes! 

So, I decided that my weekends are going to be on Thursday and Friday.  Those will be my days to lounge with my kiddos, go camping, or do whatever the heck I feel like doing.

I’m not going to work.  I’m not going to do coaching calls.  I’m not going to plan or write.  I’m going to weekend.  Because that’s what *I* want for my life.   For my life to feel spectacular, I need weekends!

The rest of the week, I will work – still not 40 hours, because that also doesn’t work for me. :)  But I will work on what I need to and get done all the things I want to accomplish with my business.

Just not on Thursday or Friday.

Since I decided to run things this way, I am BLOWN away by how much I am getting done!  My stress and worry has decreased a ton, I am engaged and inspired about my projects, and I’m excited to get to work.

I’m not trying to fit in “free time” to my busy schedule and then feeling guilty about it.  

I know free time is coming.  It’s in the books.  I have in my schedule quiet and do-nothingness time, which is something I haven’t been giving myself permission to do.

THIS is what owning my own business is all about!

We hear about the freedom that comes from working for ourselves, but we don’t always give ourselves that freedom.

The freedom to write our own rules.

To weekend or vacation when it works for us.

To be “off” when we are off.

To slow things down if we want to soak up summer.

And of course, we still have to work – our businesses aren’t going to run themselves!

But it’s okay to declare yourself “off the clock” and to do so regularly.

In fact, I think it’s ESSENTIAL that we do this as part of creating a kick ass life!

The key is to pick working times that WORK for you and your family.  Don’t create a schedule based on what you think you “should” be doing, do what is actually going to work (like my Thur/Fri weekend).

That, I think, it the biggest gift we can give ourselves as entrepreneurs.


Today is Mother’s Day here in the United States, which I think is a great excuse for me to tell you some things that I think you should know…

You are smart.

And funny.

And incredibly brilliant most all of the time (we all have our moments).

You create magic everyday. 

Sometimes it’s small magic, like when you play along inside your little one’s imaginary world.

Sometimes it’s big magic, like when you move mountains to get shit done, or you take away the sadness from those that you love, or when you allow yourself to dream impossible things.

Your kiddos are watching you.. all the time.

And they see you as a superhero (because you are one).

You are up to big things and that takes courage, which is so incredibly inspiring.

You’ve got guts.   And sass.  And gumption.   (which is such a freakin’ great word, we should use it more).

I know you want to make a difference, to contribute to this world in some way.

And that is such a HUGE gift.

Really, YOU are a gift.

And I thank you for that.

I know you don’t always see yourself how I see you, or how your kiddos see you (as a superhero), but it doesn’t matter.

Because you are the shit.

And I love you.

Thanks for being the kind of mom that the world needs.

xo, Lisa